Thursday, January 31, 2019

Anglo-Zulu War Action

One of my favourite periods to game is the Colonial Era and the Anglo-Zulu War is just one of many periods in which to expand into. The images upload today are from a great little game Myself, Brian Buskell and Jeff Smith played last Sunday. The battle was a very close run game with many casualties on both sides, however the British fire power was just too much for the Zulus and eventually forced them to give ground with withdraw. Hopefully in the next couple of months the club will play a few more games especially against the Mahdi and Boers. 

So please enjoy the images and happy gaming.



Sunday, January 27, 2019

'This is Sparta!!!' - Wargames Foundry Spartans

Some times it can be very hard to stop collecting figures for the same period and there always seems to be another unit to add.....not sure if anyone else feels the same? I already have a large hoplite army based and ready to game with Impetvs but for some reason they seems a little lonely, so yes I purchased more that a sin? These fine lads were originally purchased from a gentleman from the UK and I have since repainted them and added the Spartan shields, plus rebased them for Impetvs. They have come ok I think.