Sunday, April 26, 2015

British Mounted Officers - Old Glory Miniatures

My final post for the week is of three mounted I have just finished painting and basing. All three figures are from Old Glory Miniatures British Boer range. There are six mounted officers in the pack however I gave three officers to Brian Buskell and I kept the remaining three. The first two pictured have been painted for either the NWF, Re-Conquest of the Sudan or the 2nd Boer War. The final single mounted officer I trimmed his pockets off to convert to a nicely posed officer of the 24th Foot for the Anglo-Zulu War.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Egyptian Artillery - Old Glory Miniatures

And just to continue with all things Sudan related I have the pleasure of posting some very nicely painted Egyptian Artillery (painted by Leroy Simpson) because you can not have enough fire power when facing either the Mahdist hoards or the English infidels. These guys will complete my heavy firepower for the Egyptians with two batteries of artillery and a just two more units of Sudanese and some more cavalry and they will be complete. The figures are from the Old Glory Colonial Sudan range.

Maxim Machine Guns - Old Glory Miniatures

After playing the Sudan game last night with the the boys I thought I should post one of Brian Buskell's latest painted figures. These lads are a fantastic Old Glory Miniatures British Maxim machine gun section on cavalry carriages, from their Colonial Boer War range. They proved very handy last night in the game...well at least until one of the wheels fell of the left hand gun carriage causing the British square to break....sorry Brian. The lads will next see action against the Boers in next week's game.

The Re-Conquest - Sands of the Sudan

A few images from last nights game of 'Sands of the Sudan'. A great set of rules and loads of fun for those who are not to serious. Thanks Brian, John, Florian and Damian for turning up for the game. I will write up a battle report as soon as I can. Until then please enjoy the images.



Friday, April 24, 2015

21st Lancers - Old Glory Miniatures

Ah at last I have been able to get a little bit of painting done for myself before I head off again. So this week I painted eight British lancers for my colonial collection. The lads have been painted as the 21st Lancers for the re-conquest of the Sudan ( a liitle battle we are playing tonight), but they will most likely also see a fair bit of action on the North West Frontier and in 'The Great Boer War'. The figures are from the very nice Old Glory Miniatures Colonial British range and can be found in the 2nd Boer War section. Either way lancers can be quite scary on the tabletop and I gather when they go up against the Boers they will most likely be the priority target.

Commanding Officer and Bugler 

The men