Sunday, December 29, 2013

Last Post for the Year - 28mm WWII Bolt Action Miniatures

My last post for 2013 is this great set of miniatures from Bolt Action Miniatures 28mm German Range. A good friend of mine, Michael Edwards of Pin Point Painting Service, has kindly sent through a few images of his latest commission. So please enjoy and all the best for the New Year.



Friday, December 20, 2013

The Battle for La Haye Sainte Farm

A few years ago in a little town of Singleton, NSW, Victory Perry (Adventure Miniatures) commissioned a gifted terrain builder to build him the La Haye Sainte Farm. The end result was the fantastic building complex featured in the photos of this post. However the building gather a lot of dust and cob webs of the years and was never used......until last Wednesday night when Brian Buskell now the proud owner) said lets get this baby out and roll a few dice. So that was what we did.

It took a little while to set up the game and find enough troops to build up the battalions so they at least look in scale with the building. The French were especially hard so you might see a few Polish/Guard and Legere troops mixed in to make up the right size. In regards to the rules I mixed the movement and weapon ranges from Regimental Fire & Fury (ACW) with combat results and the main rules of Fortune & Glory. The mix seemed to work ok.

The game went for a little longer then we hoped and finish late into the night, however in the last turn of the game one of Jeff Smith's French Battalions with Engineer support managed to break through one of the eastern gates and gaining a tactical victory for the French. They did not however manage to push the British Allied troops from the ridge line, which would have sealed an outright victory for them...well at least until the Union Brigade was ordered to charge.

A British Foot Artillery Section holds a strong position close to Wellington's Elm. They were later re-enforced with another section and added in the repulse of the French 1st & 4th Cuirassier Regiments.

Troops representing Ompteda KGL Brigade...5th KGL & 1st Lt Bn KGL. In our game these two battalions did not really play a roll other then deter the French from attacking their side of the battlefield and choose to hit the Dutch/Belgium Militia Brigade instead. 

The Battleground looking from the Allied side to the French.

A sharp skirmish developed for a few turns over the orchard

Ompteda Brigade is brought forward in support of the KLG troops fighting inside La Haye Sainte Farm.

A company of the the famed 1/95th Rifles occupy the sandpit.

Our other French General Terry Morran tried numerous time to force this gate and failed at every attempt. 

Two sections of Ross's British Foot Artillery engage the massing French battalions, in support of the fighting in the farm

Turn five of our game saw Dubois Cuirassier brigade come onto the table with a horse battery in support. The first regiment in line would catch and destroy two companies of the 1/95th Rifles and then later charge a Dutch/Belgium square

With heavy pressure from French cavalry the Dutch/Belgium brigade wisely forms square

Another company of 95th is over run by the French Heavies

Thursday, December 19, 2013

ACW Commands

What have I just finished painting lately...Well these lovely chaps from Sash & Saber and Perry Miniatures Generals packs. I needed to paint up two Brigade commanders and a Divisional Commanders for my Union troops , so I ordered the Mounted Federal General Officers pack from Sash & Saber Castings. I have based the first two up as my Div Command stand and the remaining two as one commander for the Warren's Zouaves Brigade and the other as a commander for the Iron Brigade. I am very happy with the figures and how they painted up, just have to see now how the fight....

Divisional Command Stand

Zouaves Brigade Commander

The Iron Brigade Commander

 The next lot of figures I have just recently finished were for a fine fellow in the club. They are the Perry Miniatures Mounted Confederate Generals pack. Again I have painted and based up a Divisional Commander stand of two figures and one as single based Infantry Brigade Commander.

Confederate Divisional Command stand

Confederate Infantry Brigade Commander

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

14th Brooklyn NCO - Adventure Miniatures

I have just received these lovely images from Victor Perry (Adventure Miniatures) from his latest figure range for ACW. This is the 2nd figure completed by EBob for the 14th Brooklyn. There were a few issues in the design of the first figure in regards to the pants being a little to baggy. However it seems from the images EBob and Victor have amended the problem. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks we will see more of this nice figure range. Till then please enjoy.

Monday, December 16, 2013

ACW Vignettes - Perry and Foundry Miniatures

As my American Civil War collection has grown so has my collection of vignettes for the period. The latest I have had Leroy Simpson paint are these two great ones from Wargames Foundry (left) and Perry  Miniatures (right). Leroy was meant to base them as well, but I could not wait so I have based them myself...hence the purple flowers.. So please enjoy and hopefully they will inspire you to grab one for yourselves.

Union Camp Set 1 from Perry Miniatures

These guys were from the Foundry Miniatures Prisoners of War set, which I can not seem to find on their website anymore. I think this is a great little vignette for any collection