Monday, March 25, 2013

Perry Miniatures - Egyptian Curassiers

Most likely my last post for the month is this nice Egyptian Curassier unit I have just finished basing. The figures are Perry Miniatures and are from their great Sudan range. I have based them as a unit of eight on 50x50mm bases for Colonial Fortune & Glory. Next Wednesday we are having a large game for the Sudan period so hopefully they will (or rather they should) get a run on the day...hopefully not run away that is. Anyway the figures were painted by me and the horse by Leroy Simpson as I have not quite mastered horse flesh as yet.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Perry Miniatures - Black Watch Highlanders

Sorry for placing up all the posts this month, but why not? So the last post for this week are two units of Perry Miniatures Black Watch Highlanders, beautifully painted by Brian Buskell for his Sudan collection ( I did have them writen up as Cameron Highlanders but thanks to a couple of fellows they set me striaght). This is the second lot of highlanders Brian has painted (I brought the first unit) so he is becoming quite a master at it. They have already been bloodied on the battlefield against the Mahdi and unfortunately one company was ridden over by some 2nd class warrior cavalry, but the Naval Party stopped them dead. 

Perry Miniatures Naval Brigade - Sudan

Pictured are some Navel Brigade lads that Brian Buskell has recently painted and based. The figures are from the Perry Miniatures Sudan Collection and make for a nice addition of colour to the British Army other then grey and khaki. Brian has done a very nice job painting these lads up and on their first outing they whipped a unit of mounted Dervishes trying to run them over...well done lads.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Natal Police Carabineers - Wargames Foundry

I completed this unit of Natal Police Carabineers last month but they were not all my painting and I had purchased the majority of mounted and foot from a nice gentleman in the UK. However in order to complete the unit I had to purchase a pack from Wargames Foundry Zulu War collection. On purchasing the figures I also notice that the figures had been re-designed so the images should be able to show the comparison from the old Foundry to the new...I think I prefer the new ones. Again the figures have been based for Colonial Fortune & Glory as loose order foot and mounted.

Natal Police dismounted and deployed in skirmish order

A good comparisons of the new and old

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lord Chelmsord and Staff - Anglo-Zulu War

I just finished basing my command stands for the Anglo-Zulu War this morning. The figures represent from left to right a fellow named Crealock (who is known for doing some nice paintings and drawing from the period), followed by Lord Chelmsord and finally the reporter Mr Nogs. These are the first Empress Miniatures I have painted and were very nice to paint. Basically no flash, well animated and the horses are beautiful.

Lord Chelmsord


The reporter Mr Nogs

Natal Native Contingent - Warlord Games

Keeping with the theme of my last post I have a few Anglo-Zulu post of my own. The first unit I have just finished is a company of Natal Native Contingent or NNC from Warlord Games. They a nice figures however I think I should have had a couple of figures with hats and beanies so they did not look so Zulu-ish. I will definitely do they with the next two companies. However the red does set them apart nicely.

I am still working on the skin tone but I think I might almost have it right this time

Monday, March 18, 2013

More Married Zulus

These last few images are of a recently completed commission by Leroy Simpson. They are a very nicely painted Married Zulu Impi from Warlord Games Anglo-Zulu collection. Leroy has again based the figures as a 20 man regiment on 80 x 40mm bases for Colonial Fortune & Glory. We will be using these guys hopefully over the Easter School holidays for a rather large game. I have also almost finished a NNC unit so I will most likely place them up in the next day or two as well. Till then please enjoy Leroy latest painting.

Regular Afghan Artillery - 2nd Afghan War

Ahh! A little more eye candy for the boys - Another of Leroy Simpson Afghan Artillery sections these guys are again Wargames Foundry figures but from their North West Frontier collection and represent regular Afghan artillery crews for around the time of the 2nd Afghan War. Leroy has also swapped a couple of the heads around just to provide a little more variety in the unit...please enjoy.