Saturday, April 28, 2012

Belgium Askari to Fight the Mahdi

Ever since I started wargaming the Sudan I read further and further into the period and until recently I had no idea that their were other Colonial Armies fighting against the Mahdi at the same time as the Anglo/Egyptian Armies. 

One of these other Colonial Armies was from the Belgium Congo. In the mid to late 1890's the Mahdi State was sending out armies south in the search of slaves and territory. Then in 1897 they went into North/Eastern Belgium Congo and fought a series of small to medium engagements against mainly Belgium trained and lead Askari troops. The Belgium lead Askari troops were victorious many if not all of these engagements with little artillery and no cavalry support (that I am aware of). So wargaming this period with these troops should be quite interesting indeed.

In order make my favourite period a little more interesting I decided to order eight units (ten figures each) of these great figures from Wargames Foundry. Once the little army is painted and based they will hopefully make for an interesting game, if not a little more colour for the table top.

The first two units of my new colonial army I have just recently finished painting and basing this afternoon. Bit of a miracle really, having them completed and on the blog in two days...phew. Leroy has another company of ten figures and the mounted command, which I will place up, hopefully, in a few weeks. So please enjoy and maybe these guys will inspire others to branch out and go deep in to the Dark Continent.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Old Glory Ottomans

 Last weekend as well as playing two great wargames I had in my possession for a short period of time, John magnificent Old Glory Ottoman Army, all of which has been painted and based by Leroy Simpson of Townsville. I could not just let them sit idle in my study so took a few happy snaps for all to view. So please enjoy.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Clearing the Nile 1884 - Relief of Gordon

Our next game was another battle up the Nile trying to rescue General Gordon from defeat. Battle report to follow so please enjoy the images.