Saturday, November 29, 2008

Prelude to the Battle of Pydna -168 BC

Our last little battle was played on Thursday night and involved a battle between Republican Roman and Macedonians. We based the battle loosely around the a small battle the Romans had against a small Macedonian force. In 168BC Lucius Aemilius Paullus had just arrived in Greece, in order to bring the Third Macedonian war to a close. The Macedonians under their King Perseus, the son of Phillip V, had been fighting well against the Romans, defeating them a number of times over the last few years. However now he and his army was on the back foot, fighting in their own country. But Perseus had stopped the Romans in their tracks by fortifying the far bank of the Elpeus River with forts and catapults. Paullus was not to be stopped he sent a small flank force, under the command of Scipio Nasica, around Mount Olympus. This flank attack was discover hoowever and Perseus sent a flying column to intercept them. This is where own little battle finds itself. Myself and John built up 2000pt Armies, John playing the Republican Romans and I the Macedonians. History in our game was to repeat its' self I rolled possibly the worst dice in the world and John could not be stopped, my Army was defeated. Anyway Leroy took the images you see now, he also rolled a few good dice for John. Our next great battle (in the next few weeks) will be the Battle of Pydna, so hopefully I will not roll so shamefully.

Numibian Elephants accompanied the Romans in the Third Macedonian War.

My Macedonian pike advance forward in support of a unit of slingers.

Macedonian pike attempt to hold back the Roman maniples, but will soon waver as that massive Numidian elephant comes in in their flank.

This was my only victory - Hypaspists defeat the Numidian light cavalry and Velites, but only just.

Thracian light infantry move up on my flank. The Roman commander Scipio Nasica was reported to have killed one of these guys in single combat, on the day.

Roman cavalry declare an unbridled charge.

And defeat and rout my light cavalry.

And the best unit on the table - My Companions - were soundly defeated.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Napoleonic Lithuanians - converted Elite Miniatures

My final post for the day is again one of Leroy's splendid creations. This time he has converted and painted a unit of Lithuanians. He has converted the French Line 1812 (full dress) range from Elite Miniatures, cut of the heads and replaced them with heads from the Elite Imperial Guard Lancers. He has then painted them as the regiment seen on 'plate 90' from Napoleonic Uniforms Volume 2, by J.R. Elting. He has also planed to convert a few more units in this fashion, plus cavalry. All of which would look great in any French Army from the 1812/13 campagins.

Perry Samurai

Yet another unit of beautifully painted Samurai from Leroy's' growing collection. Not sure how many units he has now but I am getting a bit anxious to see them on the table top. I think he is going to paint a few more units of Koreans first and then have a game with them or he is painting two different Clans? But here they are - enjoy

Perry Miniatures - Choson Army - Garrison Troops

The images I have placed up are some of Leroy's Simpson latest painting projects. Leroy had recently purchased, from Perry Miniatures, a unit of their Korean Garrison Troops to fight against the beautiful Samurai Army, he has been building. This unit contains forty figures and will hopefully stand up to at least a couple attacks from the Samurai - maybe not. They have been based for WAB and hopefully when 'Divined Wind' is finally released, they might get to have a battle or two. The next unit of Koreans he is working on is from the Armoured Korean range, which I will hopefully place up in the next couple of months.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ambush in Maracanda - Warhammer Ancients

Tin Soldier Scythian Light Horse

Sometime during Alexanders' early campaigns in Bactria the Macedonians faced one of their first major defeats in a long time. A force of 2360 infantry and cavalry were sent into Maracanda and walked into a well planned and executed ambush. The Bactrian warlord Spitamenes with his own following of men and the help of six hundred Scythians lured the Macedonians out into the desert, where they fell easy prey to the fast riding, bow shooting Scythians. The Greeks were killed almost to the man and Alexander tried to hide the truth from his men, in order to keep morale up on the campaign, which was not always going to plan. This was the scenario myself, John Williams and Jeff Smith played last weekend. John and myself played the Scythians and Jeff the Macedonians. Both forces were evenly matched in points - each with 2730pts. We use the 'Last Stand' scenario from WAB rule book, which worked well, only difference was the points, as stated above. Jeff fielded three pike blocks, three units of cavalry and five units of skirmishers. The Scythians two noble and six light cavalry units and two skirmisher units. The goal of the Macedonans was to get back across the small river with as many of your forces intact and withdraw into a wood to hide the infantry. I got the idea of the scenario from the 'Alexander The Great' booklet from WAB, written by Jeff Jonas. All the figures used were from my collection. Macedonians painted by myself and the Scythians by Leroy Simpson.

Surrounded by Scythians the Macedonian Generals form their troops in square and prepare to move back to the river.

Another unit of Scythian Light Horse block the ford and the only way across the river.

1st Corps Persian Cavalry - fighting for Alexanders Generals

The Allied Persian cavalry catch some Scythian Light Horse.

The Macedonian General Caranus and his small unit of Companions charge and finally break through the encircling Scyhtians.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Crusader Miniatures - Thureophoros

In the process of still building my Successor Armies up I realized that I had no Hellenistic Light Infantry and thus soon went looking through the Internet to see what I could find. After a short search I found these great figures from the 'Rank and File' listing of the Crusader Miniatures website. As you can see the figures a very well crafted and I have found them very easy to paint. They have four different figures for the ordinary Thureophoros and three figures in the command pack. However the only bummer was that they did not come with any spears so either you have to order some in or make your own. The figures, I have painted, are meant to represent Seleucid infantry from the colour plate No. 7, in the Montvert Publication 'The Seleucid Army' and are meant to be Idumaean Auxiliary, but without the cloak and the white boots. You can also use the figures to represent Late Ptolemaic 'Romanised' Infantry. The are defiantly a must to add to your collections, only of course if you do not already have some Thureophoros. Again I have based them on a Light Infantry base from 'Battleline Scenics' so that they can either fight as a formed body or in skirmish formation.