Sunday, August 19, 2018

Middle Republican Roman Vs Late Seleucid

Our second game last Sunday was another great game of Basic Impetvs however, this time it was Middle Republican Romans vs Late Seleucid. Again a great little game but a little tougher for the Romans as the Seleucids deployed some imitation legionaries and a nasty armoured a scythed chariot. My scythed chariot looked menacing but unfortunately it fell short of the mark when the driver and horses went down in a deep of dust and dirt after being hit numerous times by Roman pilums. The imitation legionnaires did a little better in the first two rounds of combat but in the end they too added their numbers to the Roman pilum effectiveness. So it was another victory for the Romans, the second victory to them in the one day. I would however like to play a larger game where I would hope my more numerous cavalry would carry me to victory. 

Please enjoy.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Slave Revolt in Southern Italy

One of the three games we played last weekend at the club was a great little game of Basic Impetvs. The opposing sides were representatives from the Marian Roman Army and the Slave Revolt Army from the basic Lists. Both our armies had not seen battle for sometime and I had only just finished rebasing the Slave Revolt figures from the WAB basing style to Impetvs easy task when you consider the amount of figures that had to be rebased. The battle played well, but in the Roman favour as I was playing the Slave Army. I quickly found out that having no cavalry can really stuff your day around and massed slaves do not really holdup well to veteran Roman Legionaries. However it was a great little game and I will most definitely be playing the Slave Army again....but this time I better take some cavalry.  The figures were from John Maguire's' collection and have all been rebased in the last couple of months. 

Enjoy the images.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Gripping Beast Miniatures - Imitation Legionaries

Earlier this morning I finally completed two Impetvs units of the very nice Gripping Beast Miniatures Imitation Legionnaires. I have had the figures in 'the things to do box' for about ten years and never got around to painting them. However after playing a few games of Impetvs and looking through the army lists I finally got them out to paint. The figures have been painted for the Later Seleucid period but could quite easily be used within a Pontic Army as well. I was not quite sure what to paint on the banner so I did a little image of the Goddess of Victory.

I hope you like them.

1st Corps Slave Revolt

The is a great little range that 1st Corps produced a number of years ago and to be honest you do not see the old Slave Revolts played much. I think when we first started WAB's we may of played a couple of games and that was about it. However I have recently only just rebased the whole army again for Basic Impetvs so the lads will soon see battle once again. The figures featured in this post have all been painted by Leroy Simpson and based by Myself.