Saturday, February 8, 2020

A battle South of Olbia - Somewhere in North of Thrace

A couple of weekends ago myself and a few lads from the club played a nice little battle between a Greek-Scythian Army and a Macedonian-Thracian Army. The battle was based on a fictional battle from Christian Cameron's first book of the 'Tyrant' series where the city Greeks allied with a Scythian King and defeated a Macedonian General called Zopyrion. I tried to recreate the battle as close as possible to the book, however instead of the one river crossing I made two. The game played very well indeed and the recreation of the battle played very similar to Christian Cameron's final battle. 

The figures were a great mix of Tin Soldier Scythian's, A&A Miniatures Macedonian, Wargames Foundry Thracians and a few other odd and sods from Old Glory Miniatures and Warlord Games. The collections were from my own collection and that of John Maguire. 

Allied Thracian light cavalry backed up by a unit of Thessalian cavalry scout out a ford on the river 

Scythian light and medium cavalry move forward to defend the newly discovered ford

Greek Hoplites from the cities of Olbia and Pantikadaion form up on the high ground to defend the main river crossing. 

Mixed Greek and Scythian cavalry supporting the Hoplites left flank

Two Macedonian Taxeis, one veteran and and the other new recruits, prepare to cross the river

Skirmishers and Thracian light foot support the Taxeis in the crossing 

More Allied Thracian warriors

The Hoplites waiting

Scythian Noble cavalry waiting in reserve

Five units of Scythian medium cavalry made up the backbone of the Scythian Army on this day

The battlefield 

Scythian light cavalry more forward to slow down the Macedonian advance with showers of arrows. 

The Thracians more forward to attack the lightly defended ford on the right of the Macedonian line 

The Macedonian Taxeis move forward to the main river crossing, pushing back the Scythian light cavalry.

On the Macedonian right flank the Thracians find the ford more heavily defended than they expected and a fierce little battle erupts 

The river crossing is forced

As too is the ford after a fierce charge by Thracian light cavalry

The Greek Hoplites move forward to defend the crossing 

The Macedonians are across but the Allied Greek-Scythian defenders put up a stiff defence 

Arrows and javelins rain down on the Macedonians causing many casualties 

Scythian Noble cavalry charge and run down some Macedonian archers 

The veteran Macedonian taxeis is hit in the flank from a charge of well ordered Greek Hoplites 

And is pushed back after taking some heavy casualties 

The second Macedonian Taxeis is also attacked on the flanks 

On the right flank of the Macedonian line the Thracians have better luck and force the Scythian light cavalry back...but are soon hit but the Scythian medium cavalry, which halts their advance. 

Greek Mercenary light foot support the Thracian light cavalry

The raw Macedonian Taxeis is hit again in the flank by professional Greek cavalry and this time they crumble and route from the field. 

Seeing his army and his fine Macedonian troops crumble the Macedonian General Zopyrion charges with his Companions and too his death. 

A fine victory to the Allied Greek-Scythian Army. 


Klingula said...

A delightful sight! 8ะพ

Khusru said...

Looks like the Battle of the Granicus. Lovely painted figures

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Fantastic looking game as expected!! I've always been curious about the size of the table you use for the games you play be it Impetus or ACW etc.


Bluewillow said...

Fabulous looking game mate, a lot of well painted figures on the table!


rross said...

Outstanding visual feast as always...fantastic figures, basing and terrain!

Phil said...

So many gems on a single table, superb, truly superb!!

Vinnie said...

Thanks for the fantastic comments everyone it was a great game and loads of fun to play. Christopher we play on various sized tables depending on the size of the game I am playing. Normally they are either 6 x 6 or 8 x 6 foot tables.



Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Thank you for the info. I have a 8ft x 5ft. table in my hobby room and your ACW games look like the are being played on tables twice the size of mine but perhaps it's just an optical illusion from the angles of the pictures perhaps?


Vinnie said...

Hmm maybe the larger games I have the may have a 10ft frontage?



Matt Crump said...

Beautiful game lovely and inspirational figures ๐Ÿ‘

Vinnie said...

Thanks Matt.



Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Yes the ACW games do look at least 10ft. Cheers!


Secundus said...

Love those noble cavalry...mind you they are all pretty fantastic. Love the basing aswell.

John said...

Gotta love those Thracians! Very nice!

Vinnie said...

Hi John and Secundus

Thank you both for the great comments.