Monday, November 4, 2019

Dead Hand's Hand - 7th US Cavalry Vs Renegade Apaches

Yesterday the lads played a great little game of Dead Man's Hand. Opposing sides were US 7th Cavalry Vs a Renegade Apache Gang. We have had not played for some months so were a little slow getting started, however after a few minutes there was dust and bullets flying in all directions. The US Cavalry boys shot true and straight with their carbines and the Apaches were masters of hand to hand. A great afternoon of play for all. Thanks to Jeff Smith for supplying the most of the terrain, Dave and Trevor for playing and Leroy Simpson for doing a fine job on painting the figures. 

Please enjoy.




rct75001 said...

Great looking terrain and figures. There is certainly some variety in the games you guys get up to.


Phil said...

Spectacular and atmospheric, looks great!

Vinnie said...

Thanks for the comments Richard and Phil. Always have to spice it up a little with other gaming keeps the lads at the club on their toes.



Andrew Parr said...

And thanks to you for the great looking terrain as usual!


Vinnie said...

Thanks Andrew...your a good man

Secundus said...

Yet again a lovely looking layout!

corazon said...

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David Cooke said...

Amazing looking town!