Wednesday, July 10, 2019

80YW Dutch Infantry - Wargaming Foundry

Along with the last few recent posts I have also just finished basing two more Infantry Regiments for the Dutch Wars of Independence. The figures are again from the great little Wargames Foundry Elizabethan Range and have been painted by the very talented Ian Clark (Pro-Painted by Eye) and the basing and hand painted flags are by me. My army is now basically completed....however I will be investing in at least another four regiments of infantry and three regiments of mounted troops. Tonight will be their first test against the Spanish. I do not expect them to win but hopefully they will put up a decent fight.




Friends Of General Haig said...

Great looking unit. Love the Sword and Buckler 'line breakers' out front :-)

caveadsum1471 said...

Lovely,characterful unit! Super painting and basing!
Best Iain

rross said...

Wonderful figures and basing - as per everything you post!

rct75001 said...

Nathan these are wonderful looking bases. The army will look great all out as one. Look forward to seeing some pics of their debut. Not watching the other contest though?


Secundus said...

These are very inspiring! I love the bases too really sets off the painting.

Vinnie said...

Thanks everyone for the great comments on my last post. The Pike & Musket period is a fantastic period in warfare, so many different conflicts and wonderfully different types of troops. It is just very hard to work out which period to concentrate on.



Phil Curran said...