Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Black Powder Napoleonic's

I have been a little slack over the last few weeks in posting onto the blog I know, however we have not been slack in gaming. The last two weekends our little club has been play testing the latest set of Black Powder rules with John Maguire and Jeff Smith's Napoleonic collections. Learning the rules and gaming with the two beautifully painted collections has been a real joy. The first game we played took us into Spain and the last weekend we were trying to break Napoleon's flank at Waterloo. In regards to Black Powder, yes it is another set of the never ending run of Napoleonic rule set but it does seem to play well and with all the small additions to unit and officer character it does make us laugh and really enjoy the game. I would recommend the rules to anyone looking to have fun and are not to serious. As this will be my last post for the year I wish you all a Merry and safe Christmas with family and friends and I hope there will be many more great games to post in the New Year.



Saturday, December 8, 2018

Renaissance - Impetvs

The Renaissance period is a period I know very little about but I do love the period for its colours and  the massed pike battles. Again a few images from last weekends Basic Impetvs games with John Maguire, Jeff & Harrison Smith and Dave Lowe.

Please enjoy.