Monday, July 30, 2018

Impetvs - Punic Wars

One of two games we played yesterday on a lovely Sunday afternoon here in North Queensland. Our first games was a large game of Basic Impetvs with Middle Republican Romans Vs their age old enemy the dreaded Carthaginians. The battle was very hard fought with many loses on both sides but final victory finally went to the Romans who were just a little better in hand to hand combat (the roll of the dice). All figures were from John Maguire's great little collection.

Please enjoy. 

Monday, July 23, 2018

Old Glory Swiss Pike for The Great Italian Wars

Last week I was very lucky to be offered nice collection, of 28mm Old Glory Miniatures Swiss Pike for The Great Italian Wars, from Mick Curley. Mick had painted the figures, including the flags, a number of years ago and had not used them since, so they had been gathering a nice layer of dust over the years. However over the weekend I was very busy rebasing the lads for Basic Impetvs and finally finished them this morning. For an old range the Old Glory figures have come up nicely with a great paint job and a nice base. My intent now is to have them fight their first battle this coming Sunday.

Please enjoy



Sunday, July 15, 2018

'What a Tanker'

The lads at the club played two great games of 'What a Tanker' today. A fantastic game to fill in your afternoon and easy to learn. They played one late war game and a mid war game. Thanks to Harrison Smith for introducing and running the game. All the vehicles were from Leroy Simpsons great little collection. 

Please enjoy.