Sunday, June 10, 2018

Pyrrhic and Republican Romans Meet in Battle

One of two great games of Basic Impetvs Myself, Jeff, Harrison and Willie played today at the Lonely Gamers Club. The pictured game was a game between a Pyrrhic Army and a Early Republican Army. Both armies belong to Jeff beautiful collection of figures. The Republican Romans were painted by Zaknafir Zak and the Pyrrhic boys by both Zaknafir and Leroy Simpson. 


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Wonderful looking game!


Vinnie said...

Thanks Christopher and may I add it was quite fun as well.



Phil said...

Eye candies in each of these awesome pictures...Great looking game!

L'Empereur Zoom13 said...

that's wonderful!

John said...

awesome looking game! Love the Roman shields!

Michał Kucharski said...

Just Awesome!

Kevin said...

Nicely painted mini's, and a good period to collect for.


Kym (Warburton) Jackson said...

Brilliant. :)

roma912 said...

Quite stunning!

Cheers, Ross

Andrew Y said...

Lovely minis as always. Are the Romans Victrix? Also, I always admire your baseing. Any chance of you posting a tutorial? Andrew

Vinnie said...

Thanks for the great comments again everyone. Andrew you are correct I should indeed do a little tutorial. I have some figures on the bench ready to base, so will take a few images once I start the basing for you.



AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Beautiful stuff. I particularly like the yellow-tunic Roman unit with mustard shields.

Vinnie said...

Thank AJ the owner was not too sure about those lads but once they were based he loves them.



Lawrence H said...

The figures, painting and the basing are all wonderful as usual, but the mottos on the Romans' shields gave me a real laugh. Beautifully done.

Vinnie said...

Hi Lawrence

Thanks for your comments the shield designs are fantastic I think as well and add a relaxed feel the veteran legionnaires behind them.



James Fisher said...

My word those figures look good!

David Skibicki said...

Beautiful work! It just helps to convince me to play this period.

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