Sunday, June 17, 2018

Basing Your Figures - The Lonely Gamers Way

Over the last few months I have been requested a number of times to reveal my secrets on how I base my figures. So please grab a pen and paper prepare to copy this very simple but effective way to base your lads to perfection.

The first step of many is to glue your lads to a base. I use PVA glue, which set well and if you have to rebase (heaven forbid) you just have to simply place the base in hot water and the figures will come off straight away.

I buy about 5 litres of PVA at a time and transfer small amounts to my favourite squeegee bottle.

The next step is to squeeze a small amount of PVA glue onto the base and with an old brush make sure the glue is spread fairly evenly over the base. Try not to get too much glue on the figures as it can be a bit of a pain later when the glue dries and bits of sand are stuck to the figures.

After you have completed spreading the glue onto the base, hold the base lightly to an angle and with your hand poor the sand mixture (shown above on the base, which is very fine sand and BBQ sorbent). Ensuring that you do not get too much sand on the base just gently shake off the excess.

Once completed it should look similar to the image above. Now let the base and PVA glue dry for at least eight to ten hours.

Once the glue has dried, grab an old paint brush and using the back end rub the majority of small stones off the base. Once completed paint the edges of the base the same colour as your base coat.

The colour I use for the edge and the base colour is a watered down Citadel Tallarn Sand. I water the painted down to a 50/50 water/paint.

Next I paint the base and leave dry for the next two to three hours.

Once the base is dry I then start to dry brush the base with......

Iraqui Sand for the first layer and then the next two layers I add a little white to lighten the look of the base.

First layer just Iraqui Sand

Second layer slightly lighter

The last layer is slightly lighter again

Nest step is to grab your favourite static grass. I use Gamer's Grass but there are plenty of other companies out there that make similar products

Again with a dab of PVA the grass is placed on the base

Followed by a few small stones just to add a little more effect

And 'Boom' the base is completed. You could also add a few flowers if you wish just to add a little more colour.

I hope that helps for those who are having a little trouble in basing the boys. This is a fairly quick way to base and can be done for any base size. 

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Pyrrhic and Republican Romans Meet in Battle

One of two great games of Basic Impetvs Myself, Jeff, Harrison and Willie played today at the Lonely Gamers Club. The pictured game was a game between a Pyrrhic Army and a Early Republican Army. Both armies belong to Jeff beautiful collection of figures. The Republican Romans were painted by Zaknafir Zak and the Pyrrhic boys by both Zaknafir and Leroy Simpson. 

Saturday, June 2, 2018

New Kingdom Egyptians - Wargames Foundry

Still some of the best figures on the market Wargames Foundry New Kingdom Egyptians never seem to age. These fine lads have jest been rebased from WAB to Impetvs for John Maguire. I still have a few more units to go until I finish his collection but the ones I have completed thus far have come quite nicely I think. I am not sure who painted them but they were painted quite a number of years ago I believe. 

Ramesses the Great

Chariots and chariot runners

Command chariot on the right

Egyptian Spearmen and Command

Egyptian Archers

Libyan Swordsmen and Javelinmen 

Sherdan Bodyguard