Monday, April 16, 2018

Carthaginian Veterans

These lads have featured on this blog a few years ago when we were all playing WAB and until recently they had been living in a storage cabinet many miles from home. But they have agin seen the light and have since been rebased for our Carthaginian Basic Impetvs Army. Finally painted by Leroy Simpson, who even hand painted the shields before he too had to get classes. However they are still one of Leroy's greatest units painted I believe. 


L'Empereur said...

Really great job on all those figures and particuraly on the shield !
Bravo ! :-)

Vinnie said...

Thanks Buddy I will pass that on to Master Leroy.



legatus hedlius said...

Really lovely unit!

pancerni said...

Definitely too cool for storage. They will look good on the table.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

They look terrific!


Kevin said...

Man those shields are sick! (Meaning super cool!!!). I like the basing and how the figures are mounted onto them. I still use shield transfers because even before my eyes started needing help I could never hand paint shields like that. Wow.


MichaƂ Kucharski said...

Wooow Awsome work!

Vinnie said...

Thanks again for the great comments everyone.



Phil said...

Another cracking unit, painting and basing!