Monday, October 16, 2017

Aventine Miniatures Etruscans

A little more basing over the weekend allowed me to completed a couple more bases for a friends Basic Impetvs Army. These find figures are from the beautiful Aventine Miniatures Etruscan Range and they must be some of the nicest figures on the market. The figures were painted by Zakpainter in Spain wow has painted the figures beautifully. 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Ottoman Dragoons - Old Glory Miniatures

These fine lads I have just finished basing for Baroque represent a unit of Ottoman Dragoons for the Eastern half of the Empire. They are a mix of Imperial Mercenaries Dragoons and Anatolic/Slav infantry from the excellent 28mm Old Glory Eastern Renaissance range. I have place a few spare shields on them to present a more Ottoman feel to the unit. The figures were painted by Leroy Simpson and are the last unit I had to base for John Maguire's massive Ottoman Army, which I can not wait to see on the table again.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Basic Impetvs - Ancients

Years ago I had a passion for Ancients and amassed many figures based and ready to go for the old Warhammer Ancients, which was a great system. However just as they were about to release some excellent new periods and armies the owners pulled the pin and I stopped gaming the period. Then I was introduced to Impetvs and than closely followed by Basic Impetvs. The rules certainly caught my attention and soon I was back in to wargaming one of my favourite periods after nothing for at least ten years. Now I am finding it quite hard to pick a different set of rules which can match this system. I am told that 'Into the Strongest' is also a great set but I have not as yet payed...but I do have the rules. Anyway the next few images are from two double sized games of Basic Impetvs Myself and the lads (Jeff Smith and Dave Lowe) played last Sunday afternoon.

Please enjoy



Monday, October 2, 2017

Republican Roman Velites - Old Glory 28mm

I have just finished rebasing some 28mm Old Glory Roman Velites, which Leroy Simpson painted over tens years ago. The figures and the Leroy's painted has certainly stood the test of time. The figures were once based for WAB but like most of our armies they have been converted to least they get to see the gaming table again. These lads had been in the storage shed since about 2010.