Friday, May 12, 2017

Polish Winged Hussars - Old Glory

Just a few more images of my latest additions to Polish Renaissance Army I have commissioned Leroy Simpson to paint for me. Again Leroy has done a fantastic job on these lads. The Old Glory Winged Hussars are still a nice figure however, the only issue I have had is with some of the heads, which seem to have been bent in the mould during manufacture and are very difficult to straighten. This is the only downside to a rather nice range. I have based the two regiments for Baroque.

Please enjoy.


CelticCurmudgeon said...

These are quite splendid! How many units of them will you have? What is the plan going forward for support for these fine warriors?

MichaƂ Kucharski said...

Excellent work!

Ed M said...

Just fantastic! Old Glory has a reputation for being uneven, but the 17th Century Range, despite its age, is one of the finest in the hobby and are the cornerstone of my collection. Here are a few examples:

Have been following your blog for years, by the way, one of the inspirations behind getting a blog up and running myself. Thanks!

Utgaard said...

Fantastic work, the bases look splendid too!

Vinnie said...

Thanks for the great comments everyone. I will pass them on to Leroy.

Celtic I have another two regiments of Winged Hussars to have painted then they will be followed by some Pancierni.

Ed M - thanks for being a follower for all those I have my blog up now for 10years and had over 1 million views. I have to agree with you on your remarks for this great range. They certainly do stand well with the passage of time.

All the best


Phil said...

Great basing and painting, and these spears are really immpressive!

Panharith said...

Fantastic work!!!!!!