Saturday, November 5, 2016

A load More Basic Impetvs

What a great way to finish off a week by playing a few games of Basic Impetvs with a few of you mates? And indeed that is what Myself, Jeff & Harrison Smith, Dave Hancox, Dave Lowes and Graeme Semple did last Friday night at Townsville's premier wargaming shop 'Double Tap Wargaming & Supplies'. We had three tables set up with six armies:

Table 1 - Early Imperial Roman Vs Sarmatians
Table 2 - Late Imperial Romans (Eastern) Vs Samnites 
Table 3 - Gauls Vs Late Seleucid 

The games and rules as usual played out very smoothly and from the banter between all opponents they certainly seemed to have enjoyed the night. I even managed to win to games, which is unheard off, especially winning both my games. Thus I saw a victory of the EIRs with my Sarmatians (you just have to stay away from the legionnaires) and a win over the Seleucids with the Gauls. I would have however, liked to have played my newly based LIRs but maybe another day. 

LIR Heavy cavalry hide behind a unit of mounted archers

LIR light infantry.

LIR Archers (a gift from Carlo over in Perth...thanks mate they did well)

EIR Auxiliary (From Jeff's collection)

EIR Eastern Archers..can be very nasty when in range of your cavalry units.

Sarmatian heavy cavalry. Thus army proved very good against the Romans. Five CP units, three CL (with bow) and two skirmisher. Plus they were very manoeuvrable around the table, CL could move 14 units...massive. 

EIR Catapult...ok but very easy to kill and best to keep in the rear or away from missile armed troops.

Dave and Jeff battle each other with Gauls and Seleucids 

Jeffs' Guals

Dave and Graeme - Samnites Vs LIR

Another of Jeffs' EIR Auxiliary 

Samnites LI move through some ruins

Partians (playing Sarmatian) ride over and destroy the EIR Auxiliary unit

But in turn are hit in the flank by some nasty Legionnaires 

Nice paint work by Leroy again on Jeff's Gauls

LI Gauls vs Pike I had to charge first to gain a better outcome in the first turn rater than wait for them to attack me.......I failed with these guys but three turns later I got my revenge and hit his pike on both flanks....sorry Harrison.

Seleucid Cataphracts very very nasty in the first round of combat


A J said...

Great stuff! The figures are beautifully done, and I really like the bases.

Phil said...

Just amazing, love the Eastern Archers...

Willie Anderson said...

Great looking armies well done on winning twice!

rct75001 said...

Great looking games - love the ruins camp stand.


Rebecca Vinson said...

Thanks for the great comments very one, we are really enjoying the Basic Impetvs rules at the moment and are looking forward to the release of V.2 this month.



David Cooke said...

Very much enjoy what you've done with the Impetvs basing

Vinnie said...

Thanks David...a bit of a passion of mine at the moment.

Carlo said...

Looking wonderful Nathan - great to see the mini- tournament set up.

Vinnie said...

Cheers Carlo...the Roman Archers you kindly sent across also got a run.

roma912 said...

Stunning armies here and great to see Basic Impetus getting the game play it deserves. Also looking forward to the release of B1 2 later this month.

Cheers, Ross

Vinnie said...

Thanks Ross for your comments. Basic Impetvs is a great little fast playing set of rules and very much enjoyed by the guys at the club.

All the best


The Kiwi said...

Awesome bunch of photos. They look like great games. cheers