Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Rebased Scythian Light Cavalry - Tin Soldier

Since my return from PNG I have been slowly rebasing 100 odd Scythian warriors (foot and mounted) from WAB bases to Impetvs....a mammoth tasks but now almost completed. So far I have rebased four elements of heavy cavalry (CP), four elements of foot archers (S), one element of foot (FL) and finally ten elements of light cavalry (CL). Next on the table will be five elements of heavy cavalry with bow (CM) and another three light cavalry to to complete the army. It should look impressive once completed and will then be looking for the nearest Macedonian Army to crush. 

All the figures are again from the very nice Tin Soldier Scythian range and come in a variety of poses with three different head variants. The figures were all painted by Leroy Simpson about eight years ago, played with twice and then packed away in a cupboard until a few weeks ago. So hopefully they will all see battle again soon. 


roma912 said...

These are excellent and worth every second it took you to rebase. Impetus basing works very well with horse archer armies and this is truly a fine example of one.

Cheers, Ross

Vinnie said...


Thanks for the encouraging comments.



The Kiwi said...

Yep. Really nice. Looks great. Cheers

Carlo said...

Looking very, very good Nathan. The Scythians are a beautiful army1 These are wonderfully done indeed!

Vinnie said...

Thanks again for the comments Carlo and The Kiwi. Scythian's are one of my favourite ancient armies.

Secundus said...

lovely basing, those grass tufts really set it off, very nice. The figures are great too with loads of character.

Vinnie said...

Thanks Secundus the grass is call Gamers Grass and the best I have found thus far for bases. Very cheap as well compared to other products out there.



Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Then do look very nice!


Vinnie said...

Thanks Chris the army will finally consist of around 550pts of Scythian's, depending on how you wish to play them.

Regards Nathan