Saturday, September 3, 2016

Perry Miniatures Sudanese Finally Based and Ready to Hit the Table

Finally my Egyptian Army for the early Sudan War (1883-1885) is now completed with the final addition of two companies of Sudanese Infantry. The Army now consists of:

8 x Companies of Egyptian/Sudanese Infantry,
2 x Companies of the Cairo Battalion,
2 x Companies of Bazingers,
2 x Companies of Bashi-Bazouks on foot,
2 x Mounted Bashi-Bazouks,
1 x Squadron of Egyptian Cavalry,
1 x Squadron of Cuirassiers
4 x Artillery guns and crew, and finally
2 x Gardner guns and crew.

There are also numerous mounted and dismounted command stands, which are ready to conduct battle with either the British in the Anglo-Egyptian War of 1882 or fight the Mahdi hoards along the Nile or in the sands of the Sudan.....I can not wait to see the lads in action.....however it may not be spectacular but it sure will be fun.


Nate said...

Good job on finishing the army mate. These guys turned out sweet! Looking forward to a battle report when you get a game in.

Cyrus said...

They look great!


Excellent stuff. Love they have flags, I am looking forward to doing mine

Vinnie said...

Thanks for the comments guys the figures have come up nicely and I am very pleased. The flags are from the Flag Dude.

jmilesr said...

Fantastic painting - your stuff is always top notch

Phil said...

Absolutly wonderful!

A J said...

Nicely done! I like how you've brought out the white uniforms, it's a tricky colour to work with.

Vinnie said...

Thanks AJ indeed White is tricky but I think I have the colour down packed for the Egyptian uniform now. The off white colour gives a more campaign look.



Jonathan Freitag said...


Ogilvie VC said...

Quite some force you've ammassed there and nicely painted. You'd think a practically all white uniform would be easy bit it aint.

Vinnie said...

Thanks Ogilvie White is definitely one of the hardest colours to paint.