Monday, February 29, 2016


No Celtic Army should be without Vitalstatistix as their overall commander. This fantastic vignette of the classical Asterix & Obelix village chieftain 'Vitalstatistix' was painted by Leroy Simpson as a commission for Jeff Smith's Celtic Impetvs Army. I am not sure where Jeff got this little set from, but I purchased a set over ten years ago at a convention and have never seen the figures advertised again.  I am not sure they are even produced anymore. However why not make him the Army Commander essentially when your opponent is Roman. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sundays' Game - Parthians Vs Seleucids

Last Sunday's game was a cracker, Myself and Dave Hancox played a great game of Impetvs. Dave fielded a Seleucid Army and I the Parthians (which I just recently purchased from my good friend Scott Robertson). The game played very well and proved hard on both armies, one mainly all foot and the Parthians 10 x CL and 6 x CP units...nasty.


However as it seems with mainly Impetvs games we have played it came basically to the last turn to decide the winner. Initially  my light cavalry were dropping everywhere and eating up victory points, however once my heavy lads got in on the flanks of the pike blocks then the points started coming my way.

But in the end, even after losing their general, Dave's lads proved to much of a tough nut to crack and my Parthians fled from the field. Have to admit though after so many years of play WAB and then no ancient gaming for another six years Impetvs has gotten me back into gaming this fantastic period....and hopefully for a few more years to come.

The Seleucid right wing

Parthian light cavalry and Parthian cataphracts on the left flank

More cataphracts on the Seleucid right flank

The Seleucid phalanx moves forward

Parthian light cavalry rain a shower of archers at the Seleucid line

Seleucid Thorakites proved to be the toughest Seleucid infantry on the battlefield that day. They we played with a VBU of 6..very nasty and can take a good pounding.

The Parthian General (Scythian actually)

The Seleucid right flank battle was hard fought as their heavy cavalry fought very well..but thank the 'Gods' his elephant never got near my cavalry.

My light cavalry never stood a chance against these lads

These guys battled it out for at least four turns but the Seleucids finally won the fight 

I love this elephant 

But after three hours of play the Parthians finally called it a day. Well done Dave to your hard fought victory.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Celts, Britons, Gauls and Galatians......

Uploaded on todays post are two lovely units of Celts/Gauls/Britons or just plain Galatians, which have been painted and based by our own Leroy Simpson. They were painted for Jeff Smiths' Basic Impetvs Army...but I am going to sneak them into my Seleucid Army shortly for a little test run.  

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Old Glory Thracians

The original  figures I purchased from eBay.

In my never ending quest to expand my Impetvs collection I recently purchased 24 x Old Glory Thracians, on eBay, from a nice gentleman in the USA, Igor. Over the last couple of days, I have provided them a new lease of life by adding a wash, a touch up in the flesh and clothing and then rebased for Impetvs. I did not want to change the original painting of the first artist, however it certainly shows, from the first image and then to the finished product that with a little love the figures can be improved and enhanced to make a very attractive unit….then onto the table top and victory…..maybe….maybe not.

The final product after I rebased, washed and improved on the old painting.

Two units of Thracian Light Infantry

And three Thracian skirmisher units.