Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Antigonos the One-Eyed

Antigonos the One-Eye has always been a favourite character of mine and I have war-gamed many a battle with him in command....however I have never actually managed to buy a character figure to represent him on the tabletop. Unfortunately I still have not....I painted the two figures on this post for a friend in Perth. Really why would he need two???? Either way the figures are a great little addition to his army. I believe they were a promotion figure for Gripping Beast's Successor Range and sadly have never been re-released.....maybe one day. 


Carlo said...

Beautiful job Nathan. The second one was always going to be yours methinks buddy!! Enjoy and thanks for being a star!

Vinnie said...

Ha ha no no Carlo I will send them both your way.

All the best


Phil said...

Excellent...and impressive!

Gordon Richards said...


Juan MancheƱo said...

Great painting work and a very nice figure too!!!!

Vinnie said...

Thank you everyone for the great comments.