Friday, April 17, 2015

Elite Miniatures Napoleonic Early War French 1800 - 1805

I just thought I would place up a few images of the figures Myself and Leroy Simpson have been painting for the Elite Miniatures Australia website. Seeing that I can not upload on the site due to technical problems with the server, I thought I might as well place them up here. At least we can all see some of the fine figures Peter Moreby of Elite Miniatures has created for his fantastic Early War French Napoleonic range.

French Line Infantry in bicorne

French Line Artillery crews in bicorne

French Light Infantry with side plume

Drummers of the Line with full dress and campaign dress

Standard bearer, officer and drummer

Mounted officer of the Line



Foot artillery

Foot artillery officer

Light Infantry command

Grenadiers in bearskin for the light infantry (I did not actually paint them that colour blue it is just the light)

Light infantry mounted officer

Light infantry centre company 

Light infantry flank company


Mike A said...

They look superb :)

Phil said...

impressive painting... very nice!

Phil said...

Great paint job and beautiful, dynamic, poses as well!

DeanM said...

Beautiful work on these - the blues are spot on.

Jonathan Freitag said...

Great job! Nothing shows character quite like a bunch Elite Miniatures' Napoleonics.

Vinnie said...

Thanks for the great comments everyone. The Elite Miniatures style is markedly different from the now mainstream manufactors and focus on the large scale, big battalion games we have all grown to love from the Wargames Holiday Centre. Peter Morbey has done a fantastic job in keeping alive the old Peter Gilder style of gaming and may he have many more years of sculpting left.



Michael Mills said...

Very nice indeed!

paulalba said...

Cracking painting, I had a lot of the elite troops and traded them away when I moved to 18mm. Lovely to see them painted up!

Vinnie said...

Thanks Michael and Paulalba