Friday, November 7, 2014

Protecting the Line - Sudan

Our last game for the month, before I go away once more, was this great little game of Colonial Sudan using figures from My own collection and Brian Buskell's collection. We used Andrew Parr's unpublished 'Breach Loader & Rifle' Colonial rules, which are great little fast play set using a well balance point system and a few nice little character choices for your armies. Both our armies were 800pts in value with a few special assists on each side to make the game just that little more interesting.

Because Andrew's rules are fast play, in order to pick a scenario, we were required to roll. The roll was to play the 'Escape' scenario, which meant that the attacking side was required to get as many units of the table (at the other end) before the end of the last turn. But the defender was require to try and stop them. Bot sides would gain points for units reaching the objective or not.

Our game played out for seven turns and saw the Egyptian Army triumphant over the Mahdi. The boys held a thin but strong position,  which forced the Mahdi army to split his forces and advance over a wide front....even my newly painted 'Egyptian' Battalion saw a bit of action and was successful at holding back the hoards..nice work lads.

An Egyptian company secures the observation tower close to the rail line.

The Mahdist Standard Bearer (painted by Leroy Simpson)

Here they come massed units of fanatical warriors

With a good commander and protection on the flanks and rear the Egyptians held the line, even when charged by cavalry

The lads took a hammering but with a few outstanding dice rolls they managed to hold on

Lead by a determined leader three large warrior units surge up and attacked the 'Egyptian' Battalion on the high ground. The boys held for one short turn but were beaten back in the next charge.

An Egyptian company deployed in some thick scrub defeats another charge from mounted Mahdists camels.

With no break through gained the Mahdist forces were defeated in detail and forced from the field.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Artizan - Wild West (Dead Man's Hand)

After playing a night of Dead Man's Hand, at the club last week, I thought I might try my luck and paint up a gang for myself. So these fine lads were the end product of one days painting. They are all from the great Artizan Wild West Range and are very compatible with the DMH figures. I used three Artizan pack (as they come three to a blister) to form my gang of Pinkerton Detectives. The codes I used were the Pinkerton Detectives I & II plus the Cowboys Posse II blister. In the end I am most happy with the out come. So please enjoy.



Two Pinkerton's and a Cowboy in the middle

Pinkerton Detectives

Pinkerton and Cowboy (on the right)

Last cowboy

And the Pinkerton Bossman 

Monday, November 3, 2014

The Battle for Saunders Field 5th May 1864 - Regimental Fire & Fury

Yesterday Myself, Brian Buskell and Dave Lowe got together and played a nice little game of Regimental Fire & Fury. The scenario we picked was one from the Wilderness battles of May 1864 and focused on the 'Battle for Saunders Field', which I picked up from the ACW Gamer. All the figures used were from Dave's and John Maguire's collections. The terrain was set up by Myself with Saunders Field situated in the middle of the table and represented by the numerous small fields pictured in the majority of the images. Then the rest of the table, as you can see, was the wilderness..loads of trees and underbrush and hard to move through.

Our game went for a number of turns which took us unto roughly 5pm (started at 1pm), so four hours of gaming and plenty of banter between generals. Brian took the Confederates and Myself and Dave the Union. Dave controlled Brig Gen Ayres Brigade as he has just recently received three new Zouave regiments who fought in that brigade - 140th & 146 NY plus the 155th Pen. And I took command of Brig Gen Bartlett's Brigade - taking the Confederate position across Saunders Field was to be my mission.

Basically all went well for the Union boys until we came within close range of the Rebel lines and then our casualties began to mount fast. Dave's brigade had a slow time trying to get through the wilderness as for movement I restricted it to a six sided dice roll for each regiment, the result of each roll was to be your movement distance. This reduced movement rates and disordered the Union lines, much like it did on the day.

For me the battle was hard on my side and the Confederate line of works were to much for me to break. I took the boys up three times but was beaten back each time with heavy loses. This was where Brian (the rebel commander) took the initiative and counter attacked over his works driving my troops at least half way across Saunder's Field before my final brigade was able to form a solid line and half the rout of my first brigade.  

Dave however had better luck and was able to drive a wedge through the centre of the Confederate defensive position with the 140th NY. But all too late for the game was on its last turn. With the Union mission to push the rebels from their defensive positions and secure the high ground unobtainable and the Confederates still possession of the key terrain the battle ended with a Confederate victory. In all a great afternoon of gaming....and a good repeat of history.

Federal advance across Sanders' Field 

Brig Gen Bartletts' Brigade advances across the very open Saunders' Field and up to the rebel defensive positions.

A view from the Confederate position 

The long lines of blue advance as if on a parade ground

The only artillery support for the days battle was one section of Battery D, 1st NY Light Artillery. The boys did well in assisting in the advance and covering the retreat of my brigade.

The 140th NY took over 50% casualties in our battle but keep going and eventually breaking the Confederate centre. These lads were panted by Michael Edwards of Pin Point Painting Service.

The Rebels come out from behind their works and tried to flank my brigade.

One of three charges my troops made on the Confederate defensive position. Well supported and loads of élan I still could not break through.

Over on the Union right flank Dave's brigade (Brig Gen Ayres) has finally but very slowly made it to the rebel line and prepares to assault by volleys before charging.

The last charge on the rebel position is also defeated

Rushing up to support the 140th NY after they were pushed back is the 146th NY - also painted by Eddie.

Seeing the Union lines waver the Rebel Commander orders a counter attack across the whole line pushing the Federal lines back across Saunders's Field.

Union regiments break left and right but the line held....only just till the end of the game.

With Union re-enforcements arriving and the Rebel line broken in the centre the battle ended and both side withdrew back to where they started four hours before....a Confederate Victory.