Friday, October 31, 2014

Dead Man's Hand

Last night I played my first game of Dead Man's Hand...I got slaughtered in all three scenes we played but thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The rules, turn sequence, and game was very easy to learn and after the second scene we new how the game run without looking too much in to the rules. I would definitely recommend the game for anyone wanting a break from the normal large scale battles. 

 Our little town set up for the game. Each scene does have a basic town layout but we just used the same town for each one.

Scene one was a standard straight up and shoot out in the street...I lost. My man is the fuzzy guy in the distance.

Scene two involved five gunmen from each side shooting it out in the buildings and main street.

All figures from the two gangs were painted by Leroy Simpson and were from Jeff and Harrison Smiths' collections.

The final scene involved all gang members from both sides. You can have more involved however that involves having a few more figures painted. We however only just had the standard gangs from the DMH's sets.

Hostage taken

Again my last man standing.....I knifed the guy in front but went down in the next turn with four bullet holes in my chest.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The 'Egyptian' Battalion First Battle of El Teb 1884

After about five months I have finally been able to paint a few figures for myself, admittedly I have completed a few small projects in regards to terrain but painting alas no. So the lads I have just finished this morning are part of my Sudan collection and are painted to represent the 'Egyptian' Battalion recruited in Cairo for Lt Gen Valentine Barkers ill fated expedition to the Port of Suakin, Eastern Sudan, in 1884.

The lads apparently were not that keen on drill or in that matter doing much at all and it was reported that they mutinied for a brief period and then at the first battle of El Teb they were severely routed losing 16 Officers and 352 men out of 429 men....I don't think they did much after that. However I was keen to add a little more colour and flare to my Egyptian Army and these guys took my fancy.

On figures are yet available, which represent the 'Egyptian' Battalion so I purchased a few Wargames Foundry ACW Zouaves and to stiffen the line a command pack from the Perry Miniatures Sudan range. I could have done a few little conversions but felt I needed to paint the figures first and see how they look....A little ACW but I think with the Egyptian commands the figures will do nicely.

This is the image I used from the Perry's 'Go Strong into the Desert' as inspiration and a painting guide. My guys are a little more in full dress then the above fellow.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Wargamers Bloggers Quarterly

A first for myself and the Lonely Gamers Club. We or I mean images from our club games feature in next months 'Wargamers Bloggers Quarterly' and the little article I wrote on the Sudan will be their feature article and hopefully I will be writing a few more in the future.

The Wargame Bloggers Quarterly (WBQ) is a FREE community driven electronic magazine (PDF e-Zine) composed of the best wargames and miniature painting content from the collective blogosphere. The purpose of the WBQ is to help promote wargaming and miniature painting and ensure that the best material generated by participants in the hobby is available to the wider community in the long term. The WBQ can be found at: 

So please have a look and if you are keen send Millsy an email with your article and a few images.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Somewhere in Korea - 1596

Ah! at last after five weeks of no games we finally got to roll a few dice last night at the club. This time instead of the normal ACW I managed to grab Leroy Simpson's very nice Samurai and Choson Koreans for a little game. I was not sure of what rules to use so I dragged out the old Warhammer Ancients rule set and got the game in motion. Having not played WAB for over five years I did not realised how slow they actually were. With the rolls to hit and rolls to wound then rolls to save all of which seemed to slow the game right down. However gaming with a good bunch of guys and nice figures made the game a joy....but next week we though we might try Impetus instead. 

All the figures used are from Leroy's fantastic Perry Miniatures collection for the period. Leroy has been painting these lads now since they first came onto the market and still has a couple of units to paint on either side, including the command stand for the Koreans. I would however like to see the Perry's possibly adding to the collection with Chinese, who assisted the Koreans in the final years of the war. But I guess I might be waiting for sometime. Well till the next game please enjoy the images I took from the game.



Korean Garrison Infantry and Armoured Infantry with handguns advance towards the Japanese lines.

Korean heavy cavalry and a Hwa Go - Muti barrelled artillery ( I was not quite sure how to use this piece or it effective range. I did use the volley gun rule but it seemed to fire to short)

Ashigaru 'advance!'

Korean Armoured Infantry advance through a village.

Yari Ashigaru firing line with handguns in front and bows behind.

The Japanese battle line

Massed Korean garrison Troops rush the Japanese line

The Japanses left flank - massed nuts of Samurai foot and cavalry...nasty

The Korean heavy cavalry charges the foot samurai

The battle line meet 

Samurai cavalry charge

Ashigaru and Korean garrison infantry charge in to hand to hand combat. The Koreans won this fight and broke the Ashigaru

But they lost this one and were routed 

The poor Koreans did not even come close to the formidable Japanese centre with massed archers and handguners.