Tuesday, July 1, 2014

More American Civil War Action

This is a small game w played last Wednesday night a the club. I had based the terrain around the 1865 battle of Hatcher's Run, around the Dabney's Saw Mill. The terrain has been set for the actual site however the number of units and figures are not quite correct. Our battle involved three brigades of infantry on both sides, with two batteries of artillery each. The game still made for a very good game using a combination of RRF and Fortune & Glory.

We also used figures from all the lads collections with the majority coming from Dave Lowes's ever growing collection. So please enjoy.


Flags of War said...

wow looks sooooo good

Phil said...

Awesome! looks like a lot of fun and gaming. Great miniatures and painting, interesting to see you mount 3 figures and not 4 or 5 per base? I guess the 3 figures stands are for visual appeal and irrelevant to the game rules set you are using?

Vinnie said...


Thanks for the comments. No the three figures to a base was more to save on the costs of our army and to get the most out of an order. Normally we would love to have 5-6 figures to a base.



Phil said...

Thanks for sharing this fantastic game, great looking table and minis!

Dave Hancox said...

With a Rebel YEll :) Looks like my lads did well, esp looking at the last pic :)

Sure looks to be an awful lot of Yankees running for the hills :)

Hope to catch up on Wed night


Vinnie said...


Your lads preformed admirably that day and would say that you would have been very proud of them.

WW2 this Wednesday if you are able.



Michael Edwards said...

I see some more great figures painted by Pin Point Miniature Painting fighting on your table lol looks like a great game I miss it

Vinnie said...

Thanks Eddie yes a lovely Elite Miniatures Confederate Brigade painted by Pin Point Painting made the table and they looked fantastic.



James Fisher, FINS said...

More civil war action and more lovely photos; marvellous!

Juan MancheƱo said...

Fantastic pictures and wonderful game. Really good!!!