Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tonight's Battle - Hicks Pasha and The Shaikn (Kashgil) Disaster 5 Nov 1883

Going with our clubs theme for this month, 'The Sudan', tonights game has been set up to play the final advance of Hicks Pashas 10000 strong Kordofan Expedition and its subsequent destruction at the hands of over 40 000 Mahdist warriors. I have set the table up with the Egyptian forces deployed in one of the two possible formations Hicks may have formed due to the terrain he was about to advance across. Tonight his mission will be to try and reach the far end of the table and break through the encircling enemy forces.....good luck old boy!

Initial deployment - three square of infantry, cavalry on the flanks, baggage train in the middle and the artillery, Hicks Pasha's bodyguard and the man himself with staff in the lead.

Another view of the three square formation, all were mint to be about 300 yards apart so within supporting distance.

Hicks Pasha, staff and bodyguard lead the advance

The battlefield 

40 000 warriors about to spring the trap

The Mahdi, his standard bearer and Mystic


Carlo Pagano said...

Lovely work Nathan and the collection is superb! Now...who won?

Phil said...

What a pleasure for our eyes!

Vinnie said...

Ah! now Carlo more images to come my dear fellow. You may have to wait till tomorrow. However on the Facebook Elite Miniatures Page I have just posted images from tonights game.



DeanM said...

What a contrast between the squares and the native hordes with their medieval looking command. Marvelous.

Whisperin Al said...

Very inspirational - thanks for sharing!

Uwe said...

A great army for Hicks with all these old Egyptian units. Great panitjob too!