Thursday, April 17, 2014

Boer Commando Commands - Old Glory Miniatures

I have been a little busy since our return from holidays and quickly painted my Boer Command stands ready for our nice game....not sure if anyone had noticed but I had been using ACW Confederate command stands in my previous games. However this fine fellows should fill the gap nicely. All the figures are from the very nice Old Glory Miniatures 2nd Boer War range. There is no command pack within the range so I have just made do with the figures I had left over.

Army Command stand with artillery officer

                                            Mounted Boer command or sub commander

Commando Command for either mounted or dismounted Boers

Foot or dismounted Boer command


DeanM said...

Wonderful vignette stands!

Vinnie said...

Thanks Dean
I am however a little slack making them look prettier.


Cory said...

Great looking Boers!

Phil said...

Beautiful vignettes!

Vinnie said...

Thanks again for the positive feedback lads. Hope you all have a great easter break.

Carlo Pagano said...

Beautiful work Nathan!

Moiterei_1984 said...

Fabulous painting! I really like the arty officer.

Robert Herrick said...


How did you do the tall brush on the bases?

Vinnie said...

Thanks again for the great comments. The Artillery office is one of favourites as well. The tall grass is just cut from a doormat, which makes perfect fields and clumps of grass.



Nate said...

Looking good mate, always enjoy your posts. Have a great Easter.


Vinnie said...

Thanks Nate you too