Monday, February 3, 2014

More Claymore Castings

 Mounted Officer (Hotspur) - OT22

The second lot of figures that Leroy had been working on this last week were the fantastic Claymore Casting figure range by Dave Imrie. He has been painting a small army for our friend Gavin Shanks in Brisbane and has completed just about all the figures in the range during the last six months. The figures are also available from my Elite Miniatures Australia website for those lads in Australia or New Zealand.. please enjoy more of Leroy's painting.

 Scots or English Knights - OT14

Scots or English Knights 2 - OT15

English Billmen 1(or well equipped Scots) - OT17

English Billmen 3(or well equipped Scots) - OT19

 Scots Spear 1 - OT02

 Scots Spear 4 - OT05

Islemen and Highlanders Command - OT23

Isleman/Highlanders and Gallowglass Axemen - OT24

Isleman/Highlanders and Gallowglass Axemen 2 - OT25


Cyrus said...

Superb painting from Leroy!

DeanM said...

They look great; they look like they'd compliment Perry HYW figs (or vice versa). Best, Dean

Phil said...

Excellent looking figures!!

Bedford said...

Very nice work.


Vinnie said...

Thanks for the comments guys I will make sure they get passed onto Leroy



Dave said...

Great looking figures and paint job to match

Bluewillow said...

love this range, it just gets better, great paint work by Leroy. Just finished some myself over on my blog. Be putting another order in soon, loving those gallowlass men!