Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Australia Day Weekend - War of The Ring

The other game that I played over the Australia Day weekend was again not what I normally play but something I have always wanted to try......Lords of the Ring. Scott has a massive collection of figures for this type of gaming especially 'War of the Ring'. The collection I have placed up today are only a small proportion of his Armies and I think Scott is able to field almost all the walks of life from the Tolkien books. 

We played for about four hours this day and we all had tons of fun trying our hands at a different game with magic and the other races of Middle Earth. However with hundreds of figures - Orcs, Trolls, Wrath Kings, Wood Elves, High Elves, Wizards and Dwarves it did make for a very spectacular game.

A rather large unit of nasty wood elves...very hard to kill.

High Elves...I think

And loads apon loads of these rather nasty lot

Tough Dwarven archers 

Orc Warg riders

I soon found out that Elves are very good at hand to hand

I also found out in the fight above that Dwarves are hard to kill and orcs without armour are died very easily 

The Orc bolt thrower is very nasty when it it hit....when it hits

Cop that you High Elf back time


Carlo Pagano said...

Looks sensational Nathan - WOTR is a great game system and we love the battles. Great set of rules and lovely figures from Scotty's collection.

John Shoemark said...

Great looking game. Thanks for the report mate.

Barks said...

Epic! Nice stuff. Who won?

legatus hedlius said...

That is an amazing collection!

Nate said...

I've always wanted to try WOTR. Great post mate.

Vinnie said...

Thanks for the comments guys....the forces of evil won the day



ian cohen said...

Knowing the cost of these figures, there's quite a financial investment here. My LOTR armies are half the size. Wonderful stuff here!

Ted Henkle said...

Awesome looking figures!

Dave said...

Great photo's Vinnie and some really lovely painting. what an epic looking stoush!