Monday, June 17, 2013

Mounted Egyptian Command - Perry Miniatures

Ok! not so lazy as I stated in my last post, I have just finished basing these bad boys for my Egyptian Army of 1882-5 for the Sudan. They are from the great Perry Miniatures Sudan range and represent Ala ed Din (the middle figure) and two other Generals. Hopefully they will be leading the Egyptians to victory in their next battle with either the British or Mahdi....well I have high hopes. So please enjoy.


Mosstrooper said...

Beautiful figures , I have them but not yet got around to painting them - you inspire me to have a go !

Michael Awdry said...

Nicely done Sir.

leroy said...

horses look great!

Pierre le Poilu said...

Tres bon, merci.

Phil said...

Very nice!!

Glenn said...

Love these.

Gamer Pattinson said...

Absulutely Perfect..... Nicely Done :D

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Silver Whistle said...

Superb sculpts, painting and basing.