Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Clearing the Kyber Pass - 2nd Afghan War

Last night myself and Brian Buskell played a small colonial game set somewhere during the 2nd Afghan War. The rules we used were a set written by Andrew Parr, which is still in the play testing stage. However the rules did flow very easily and allowed for a quick and very enjoyable game.

The rule set allows you to role to pick your scenario, which for Brian and myself was 'Contested Ground'. This meant that we both had to place two objective markers down on each others side of the table, have units in reserve and also units for flank marching. The terrain is meant to be placed down after the scenario is picked, but I just simply set the table up prior the game so that it look pretty.

The collections of figures pictured come from my own collection, Brian's collection and the Afghans from Leroy Simpson's collection. 

Basic view of the table - the roads are just pored on sand and small rocks. Harder to clean up after a game but looks good.

Brian Buskell's latest addition to his collection - two units of Gurkha's, which are a mix of Old Glory and Foundry figures. 

Their main mission was to capture the small village in the far ground.

Gurkha's capture the village and rout a unit of Afghans

Another look at Brian's Afghans - the officer is scratch built by Brian.

Bengal Lancers charge and crush the Afghan Highlanders

Those damn Gurkha's are at it again causing havoc


Millsy said...

Stunning pics yet again. I look forward to each and every one of your colonial games. Thanks for sharing!

BigRedBat said...

Really great! Love the Gurkhas, shades of The Man who would be King...

Bedford said...

Fabulous stuff!!!

If you don't mind me asking, what rules are you using for your NWF games?


DeanM said...

Fantastic looking game; the set up, figures and terrain are impeccable. Best, Dean

Phil said...

Wonderful looking pictures!!

Michael Awdry said...

Just tremendous - fabulous photographs.

C. said...

Superb! Something to see in every corner of the photos.

Chris said...

I love the look of your colonial games. The basing looks just like what I use for my own rules, Battles for Empire.

Keep those inspirational images coming!

Furt said...

Just great - love the NWF!!


Bluewillow said...

excellent mate!

Looking forward to our game in june!


Vinnie said...

Thanks for the comments Guys, she was a cracker of a game. The Colonial period can be quite fun and a good change from the mainstream gaming periods.

Thanks again


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

What a fine looking and inspirational game!


Silver Whistle said...

Superb pictures, figures and terrain. Thanks for sharing.

Whisperin Al said...

A beautiful looking game - thanks for sharing it!

Adam said...

Love the figures and love the table! It's also the first time I've seen Afghan Highlander outside of Osprey!