Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Austrian Jagers - Elite Miniatures

For the first time in a number of years I have finally painted some the figures I currently produce under licence from Peter Morbey, in the UK (Elite Miniatures). These guys are Austrian Jagers in the later uniform. The Elite range has only three basic poses - shooting, loading and the bugler. The officer is a line officer in bicorne as Peter has not designed an officer for these guys. The other Jagers in the range are in helmet (which I will paint shortly) and have the same basic three poses. They however are a nice figure and the pipe grey uniform with black webbing does make for an easier paint.

Loading and firing 

Bugler and Officer


Nathan Watt said...

Very nice. Will you be mounting them on group bases? Or singular bases that are larger than the current ones they have?

Andrew Parr said...

Lovely work Nate!

Vinnie said...

Thanks Andrew and Nathan,

I hve not based the figures as these little guys are up for sale on my webpage 'Elite Miniatures Australia'. Bit easier to post and for others to base.

leroy said...

I do like the Elite figures heaps of character!