Thursday, March 14, 2013 2mm

I have never played 2mm however a very fine gentleman and the father of Wargaming in North Queensland (Napoleonics), John Fulton, has been busily painting 2mm figures and constructing some very nice terrain tiles to fit. I received these three images last night from a game John and Terry Moran had played just the other day and I must say it does look very inviting. The above image is the small battlefield with what appears to be a French Brigade in company columns and skirmisher to the front. on which they played. The British Brigade has formed line in readiness to receive the French advance. 

The British line red line

The French massed in columns 


derek said...


If only Dad could learn to click on the 'publish' button there would be more images to see -



BigRedBat said...

Oddly, I got out my 2mm ancients, yesterday, for the first time in 15 years. It's an overlooked scale!

Jonathan said...

The birds-eye view of that battlefield is impressive indeed - but I can't even imagine how small those figures must be. I would have trouble painting them, although I imagine there are techniques to be learned...