Sunday, February 17, 2013

Afghan Regulars - Wargames Foundry

Last year Wargames Foundry started to re-release some of their older collections and one they should have never stopped was the North West Frontier collection. So when they were again released, last October, I think I may have been one of the first to purchase a whole army these fantastic Afghan Regulars. Then being 'the best friend anyone can have' I handed the army over to good old Leroy Simpson. Leroy - bless his cotton socks - has since painted six companies for our colonial madness collections - champion. He is now working on the artillery and cavalry.

The six companies he has painted thus far are three companies of the Herat garrison (the top most image) and three companies from the Kandahar garrison (above). With very little in guidance to uniform colors Leroy has gone for the most reported uniform of dark brown with red facings. There is however a little evidence that some units may have worn old British uniforms, which Leroy may paint future units in.

Herat Regulars

Kandahar Regulars

Kandahar Regulars

Herat Regular

Herat Regulars

Kandahar Regulars

Kandahar Regulars

Leroy's beautiful hand painted standard.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Fantastic... lovely paint job, and you're right about the sculpts..

Silver Whistle said...

Great figures and painting. I was going to ask about the flag until you mentioned handpainted, superb.
Working on Afghans myself at the moment.

pancerni said...

Great job on some little seen units! It is nice to know many of the 'missing' offerings from Foundry are coming back.

el frances said...

Very nice painting ! Congratulations !

DeanM said...

Wow - unique looking headgear on these guys. Very catchy! Dean

Phil said...

Great looking units, painting style is excellent!

Michael Awdry said...

My goodness these are wonderfully tempting!

Greg Sapara said...

Wonderful job!!!!

Andrew Parr said...

Brilliant Leroy.
Andrew P

Jason Meyers said...

Wow, those minis are just aces. Very nicely done!

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Willie Anderson said...

Love them on my to do list also!

Bluewillow said...

neat, another wild colonial army! Leroy has done a lovely job on those, especially like the flag.

who is going to do the afgans?