Sunday, February 17, 2013

Afghan Regulars - Wargames Foundry

Last year Wargames Foundry started to re-release some of their older collections and one they should have never stopped was the North West Frontier collection. So when they were again released, last October, I think I may have been one of the first to purchase a whole army these fantastic Afghan Regulars. Then being 'the best friend anyone can have' I handed the army over to good old Leroy Simpson. Leroy - bless his cotton socks - has since painted six companies for our colonial madness collections - champion. He is now working on the artillery and cavalry.

The six companies he has painted thus far are three companies of the Herat garrison (the top most image) and three companies from the Kandahar garrison (above). With very little in guidance to uniform colors Leroy has gone for the most reported uniform of dark brown with red facings. There is however a little evidence that some units may have worn old British uniforms, which Leroy may paint future units in.

Herat Regulars

Kandahar Regulars

Kandahar Regulars

Herat Regular

Herat Regulars

Kandahar Regulars

Kandahar Regulars

Leroy's beautiful hand painted standard.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Old Glory - Mounted Boers

Hello All I have just posted up these interesting Boers chaps I have just finished basing. They are from the great Old Glory Miniatures Boer War range, which has a limited number of packs for the Boer War (unfortunately only four for the Boers). However there are many head variations and a nice range of animated horses. I have another six units of these bad boys to paint up, including the dismounted variant and four artillery peices for the army. I have not realy seen to many Boer armies around on the web or when gaming so I thought they might be nice to through against the Zulus or British in the not to distant future. I have based them on a 60x45mm base and two figures per base to give them the look of loose order/formation mounted shooters and as they would have fought in the day. Anyway I hope they look and will play the part of their forefathers.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

1st Battalion Gordon Highlanders - Perry Miniatures

My last post for today are these beautifully painted Gordon Highlanders from Perry Miniatures Sudan Range. The figures have been painted and based by the very talented Brian Buskell and are now the his pride and joy of his collection......not to mention they got slaughtered in their first game by some 2nd class Egyptian infantry. However Brian has done some fantastic work on these guys and was happy to share his painting with us all. So please enjoy the images.

One of the command stands

The backbone of the Army...the Senior Non Commissioned Officers or SNCO's

The men

The second command stand

Middle Eastern Village

This fine collection of buildings is again part of Brian Buskells collection. He obtain the buildings, minus the large one, from the same gentleman in Sydney who had scratch built them for the Sudan. However they would make perfect buildings for any Middle Eastern gaming rules...providing they are in 28mm of course. Brian has only made a few minor changes and that was to place them on three large bases for ease of transport and to represent three separate villages. Again these bad boys will feature in our many games to come and the Sudan campaign.

Africian Village - Grandmanner Terain

I have a few posts to place up today and this fine African Village from Grandmanner Terrain is the first. The two village sections were painted and based by a fine gentleman in Sydney, but have since been passed on to Brian Buskell of the Lonely Gamers Club, here in Townsville, to our benefit. I though I would place them up as they are a very nice set and will sure to feature in our up and coming Sudan please enjoy and I will place up a few more images soon.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Old Glory Dismounted Boers

I have just finished painting a unit of Old Glory Boers for the Anglo-Zulu War 1879. I have also completed a pack of mounted Boers but as yet I have not completed the horses, however I am quite happy with the figures as they have loads of character and are nice to paint. Eventually I will have a whole Boer Army completed with two batteries of artillery, seven mounted and seven dismounted units of Boers (well that is the plan) all to either fight the Zulus in their numerous boarder conflicts or in the two Boers wars with the British. They should be interesting to use on the wargaming table. These boys will be getting a crack at the Zulus tonight.