Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Warlord Games - Zulu Marksmen & Command

Being on long service leave is great for my hobby. It has been the first time, for a long time, that I have been able to sit down and do some solid painting. So my latest edition to the my Zulu War collection is a unit of Zulu riflemen and a couple of command stands. The figures are again all from the plastic Warlord Games range, with the marksmen from the unmarried box and the command from both sets. I still have another eight riflemen to complete and the army will be ready for another crack at the British.

The Warlord plastics are starting to grow on me as my collection is mostly metal but these guys are great. Plenty of different poses to make and they are a real joy to paint. 

The command I inherited painted from a friend, however the painting was very poor, so I have had to re-spray and re-paint and am now very happy with the end product.


James Brewerton said...

great skin tone, cracking job
Peace James

Solo wargaming-on a budget! said...

Excellent work.

Rodger said...

Great figures and very nice painting!

Docsmith said...

They are really terrific figures, beautifully painted. You would have enjoyed the Isandalawana game at Cancon - sorry I didn't see you there!

Enjoy your LS - its most beneficial when catching up on the therapeutic aspects of our little hobby - like painting great figures!


Michael Awdry said...

These look lovely, I've often wondered about these Warloard Games Zulus.

Vinnie said...

Thanks for the comments guys I am happy to hear you like the figures. Using Army Painter certainly helps the process.

Doc - I am sorry I missed the Isandalawana game I have seem the images on another blog and it look fantastic.



PeeKayEn said...

Zulus look great. Can't wait to see them in action

Silver Whistle said...

Once again, lovely painting and basing.