Monday, January 7, 2013

The Battle of Obilesti 1807 - Ottomans Vs Russian

In the summer of 1807 two empires were at war, the Ottoman and Russian Empires. One of the first battles of that campaign was the Battle of Obilesti, fought on the 21 June 1807, which for the Ottomans' was to try and re-gain lost territory in Moldavia an Wallachia or much of modern day Romania. We of The Lonely Gamers Club tried to re-fight the same battle today using the scenario from General de Brigade Napoleonic Scenarios 4 "Against the Ottomans"

All the figures used for the colourful game were on the Russian side - Front Rank and Foundry. On the Ottoman side - all Old Glory and painted by Leroy Simpson.

A unit of Janissary manning the palisade of their camp

The Ottoman medium artillery battery played havoc on the Russian cavalry

Maj Gen Alexei Bakhmatyev infantry brigade brought up the Russian center

Couple of nice Front Rank Russian Command figures

 General Mikhail Miloradovitch, Commander of the Russian forces and victor on the day of the real battle......not today though....

1st Bn 6th Jaeger Regt from Maj Gen Karl Ulanius Brigade

Russian Horse battery attached to Maj Gen Karl Ulanius Brigade

Russian Hussars

Maj Gen Alexei Bakhmatyev infantry brigade deploys into line.

The Russian reserves consisted of Col Paul Pahlen's Brigade of Dragoon, Hussars and a Cossack unit

One of two Russian Cossacks unit in the battle, these guys represent Don Cossacks

More Janissary from the Grande Vizier Hilmi Ibrahim reserves

Ottoman light artillery deployed in the center behind the defensive works of the Ottoman camp

Janissary and Albanian infantry deployed on the Ottoman left flank.

The two Albanian infantry units did not really see any action but acted as a good reserve to strengthen the Turkish lines

The spectacular of the day was the large cavalry battle fought on the right flank of the Ottoman line between all the cavalry we had on the table - three Ottoman units Vs five Russian

Don Cossacks fight Albanian Suvarileri

Looking across the battlefield from the Ottoman left flank


BigRedBat said...

What a superb collection! Don't often see Ottomans. I've always fancied an army...

Cheers, Simon

Engel said...

Ohh what a nice collection.

Scott Robertson said...

Very nice Vinny, do you have any shots of the whole table? Scott

Jonathan said...

Fantastic figures! I am partial to the Russians and found this post very enjoyable, thanks for sharing!

A J said...

Very nice to see something in the era other than the usual suspects. Wonderful scenery and figures. Thanks for sharing!

Vinnie said...

Cheers for the comments guys, it was a very nice looking game, shame none of the figures were in my collection.

Sorry no images of the table, I did take a few photos but deleted them. We did not finish the game yesterday and will be replaying it with Brian Buskell on Thursday so will take a few more shots for you.


brian_smaller said...

I love the Ottomans. Them and Moghul Indian armies are two I want to do for Napoleonic period. The Old Glory figs look really good. What a great company they are.

fireymonkeyboy said...

Gorgeous looking stuff!

Neil said...

Great looking armies!

Bluewillow said...

supurb mate, the old glory Ottomans look excellent!


Rens van Vliet said...

Wow, awesome looking figures! And great to see those Ottomans

Phil said...

Fantastic figures and batrep!

Jason Meyers said...

What a wonderful looking battle! I've often thought about doing Ottomans for SYW, but must admit I never even thought about Naps. Inspiring stuff to say the least! :-)

pancerni said...

Inspiring! I will move my OG Ottomans up the paint queue, Thnaks for the really well done efforts.

I'll bet the game was fun!

DHC Wargames said...

Simply lovely. Such an unusual subject and executed perfect as well!

Monty Luhmann said...

Spectacular! Just looking at this AAR, I'm drawn to painting and playing Ottomans. Thanks for the "siren song." ;-)

DCAja said...