Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bicorne Miniatures - Bersergalerie Infantry

I have just placed up a few images of Leroy's latest commission for Colonial Italians. These great little figures are from Bicorne Miniatures extensive colonial ranges and represent the elite Bersergalerie infantry from the 1896 period. Unfortunately the unit only contains the command and one figure code - BIC-C018 - there are another four infantry codes (loading and firing) which when placed together would make for a nice looking unit. 

 BIC-C018 infantry advancing

Command - Sergeant/Officer & Bugler


Silver Whistle said...

Lovely painting and basing on these figures.

Phil said...

Wonderful figures and great painting!

Michael Awdry said...


fogsoldiers said...

Really beautiful miniatures, amazing Bersaglieri infantry ;-)