Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Architects of War - Oasis and Palm Tree Plates

Brian Buskell has just finished painting my last two pieces of Architects of War terrain - the Oasis and the Palm Tree Plates. Both sets are very well put together and have loads of nice detail on the bases, including a couple of snakes, a scorpion, bones and an axe.... Brian had to cut the palms at the base as they a little to large for the 28mm scale of our figures. 

The Oasis is a one piece set, which has a little water hole, the bones, a scorpion and a snake. So more then enough for one base.

The scorpion


And the snake

The Palm Tree plates is made up of three sections (only two pictured above and below). Two sections have one palm and the last one has three nice palms on a large base. All I am sure will look grand on my next Sudan game.  


BigRedBat said...

Those look great! Imaginative of them to put the detailing on.

Jonathan said...

Love this - after seeing how great it looks all done up I really need to buy one for myself!

Michael Awdry said...

Stunning details.

Phil said...

Fantastic! I love the details, great job!