Monday, December 24, 2012

The Day before Christmas - Death in Abyssinia

What did the boys get up to the day before Christmas? Well myself and a few of the Lonely Gamer Boys (John, Jeff, Damian and Brian) played a small 820pt game of Colonial Fortune & Glory. It was a game to test out how John, freshly painted, colonial Italians and Askari play against the invading Sudanese Army.

At first the Mahdi forces look overwhelming in numbers of infantry and cavalry. However as the hordes drew nearer John and Damian's artillery and rifle fire began to inflict heavy causalities on the fast approaching mass.

The Italian Line infantry can under repeated cavalry charges from elite Dervish cavalry and a company of these fine Italian boys were wiped out to a man never to see their homes again.

However the two remaining Italian infantry companies fire devastating volleys into the charging cavalry and brought them to a halt.

Tribesmen charge the guns

Italian askari holding out in the town had a fine view of the battlefield

Dervish forces charge Italian allied Abyssinian tribesmen only to be beaten back twice before retreating from the field.

The final Dervish attack for the game was onto the township itself, which was held by two Italian Askari units. The Askari forced them back twice but were finally pushed out of the town leaving the Dervish forces in command.

In the end the game played well, but the colonial player needs to have a few units of line troops and at least a unit of cavalry to effectively force defeats on the warrior armies of Africa. For the native nations flank and rear support is essential as to is ensuring to make your units strong in order to taken on the causalities you will receive from the rapid firing breach loaders of the modern European Colonial Armies.


A J said...

Looks like a good game, and the figures and terrain are excellent. Nice to see some Dervish action against someone other than British/Egyptian, too.

Unlucky General said...

Excellent AAR mate and nice variety of new troop types - love the Askaris. Merry Christmas - may your bulging stocking double your white metal.

Bluewillow said...

lovely looking game mate, wish I was there for that one!


Peter said...

That's very interesting that the Ansar are lighter skinned than the Fuzzies - After almost 30 years of gaming I don't think I've ever seen that.
I think everyone assumes they are all dark skinned.

Vinnie said...

True Peter there were a mix of tribes along the nile and outer areas the troops attaking the village are from the northern Nile area and have a more Arabic appearance.