Thursday, December 27, 2012

Elite Miniatures Australia New Website

Elite Miniatures Australia has finally got a new website up and running ( after the old one was turned off in my absence over the last seven months. The site is still very basic however you should find that it will be easier to find the range your chasing and also easier to order your figures, as the site now has a shopping basket and PayPal account set up for Internet purchases.

I  have not as yet listed all the ranges as this takes a little time, but you will find that I have manage to have a number of the Elite ranges completed. I will also be busy over the next few months painting figures for the site so that when you click on a figure you will be able to see it in it's painted form. 

The site will also have a second hand page and painted units page which will periodically have figures and units posted up for sale (none as yet...sorry). But let me know what you think and please send through your guidance for any improvements you would like to see and I will endeavour to make the chances.

All the best

Nathan Vinson'
Elite Miniatures Australia


brian_smaller said...

Awesome - and a new order being formulated now, as long as I can hide it from SWMBO.

Vinnie said...

No worries Brian sounds good. I will be placing more ranges up over the next week or two, just as soon as IO can find the time.