Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Architects of War - Small Middle Eastern Building

OK straight back into more painting and building for the Sudan campaign, in the last couple of days I put a together this nice little piece from Architects of War. The Middle Eastern house comes in two pieces - the house itself and the roof. The pieces all go together well however you will have to give the roof a little shave on the sides as the roof is a little tight to get in. Other then that it is perfect.

Internally the house house has some great little additions, a bed in one corner, a central fire place and some nice cracks in the walls which all add to the character of the house. The well on the corner of the  teerrain base is also one of those great pieces from AoW which has featured a previously in an older post, however to base was looking a little plain so I added it on for a little more character.

In all I think the house will make a nice addition to the collection and it will surely to see a little action in the next couple weeks, so enjoy and hopefully I will have a few more post in the up coming weeks.


Monty said...

That looks great, Vinnie - nice one!

Peter Douglas said...

Nice looking terrain piece.


Michael Awdry said...

That is seriously impressive, might have to invest in some of these.

Scott Robertson said...

Hey mate have packed your Boers but have lost your address and number. Give me a call. Cheers Scott

Phil R said...

Great building!

jacopo muti said...

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