Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Home At Last

Hello everyone I have finally returned home safe and sound from my trip overseas and looking forward to getting a few games in over the holiday period and beyond. Six months away from the family and the of course the gaming table took its toll. However I was very luckly to have Old Leroy keep the blog going in my absence...thanks Leroy. I have already started basing figures Leroy painted for me while I was away so when they are completed I will place them up. 

This year is also going to be the year of the Sudan (or at least till June) where leading up to our Colonial Competition, myself and the other Loney Gamer Club members will be concentrating on building up our forces and terrian in order to have some really nice figures for the gaming weekend. So all or most of the inmages I will be placing up will from that period...so I have to stay focussed and not get side tracked by other periods.

Anyway I have placed up a couple of images from my deployement and yes that is me at the top. So please enjoy and hold tight for loads of gaming and figure reviews in the not too distant future.

Monday, November 12, 2012


Well ladies and gentlemen this will be my last post filling in for Nathan and it must be with much relief that you hear he will be back soon and Lonely Gamers can return to the standard you have been missing. Once again I have been painting loads of figures for various people but nothing that requires basing. So going through my collection of images I rediscovered this idea and upon finding the figures in my `waiting for painting` pile I quickly put together this command stand for my samurai armies. This is heavily plagiarised from someone elses work and despite my best efforts I cannot find where I got the idea so I cannot give credit to my muse! I have started putting together several screens for positioning behind the figures and am yet to decide which is my favourite.