Saturday, August 25, 2012


After an extended period I have finally finished the first two pike blocks for my growing English Civil War collection. These two units are Charles Gerard`s Regiment of Foot and the Newcastle Whitecoats. The main reason I decided on these as my first units are thanks to Iron Mitten`s great research on his blog for Gerard and the Whitecoats came after reading Christopher Scott`s amazing account of their last stand in his great little book The Battles of Newbury. As some of you may have noticed I rarely use "white" anymore prefering and combination of very light grey or heavily lightened linen colours as I feel these provide a much more accurate representation of the cheap uniforms and rough living. This also means that I can have heaps of variation in a unit adding a little more or less white to each figure. Once again very happy with my selection of Renegade although due to the size of the figures it did make for an interesting time basing on a standard 40 x 40 base and I eventually had to increase the depth to 45mm.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Colonial Italians - Bicorne Miniatures

I recently finished these figures for John`s expansion into the colonial period. These are a very "dated" Cacciatori d`Afica for the Ethiopian campaign. Although not the greatest figures in the world, reminding me of the old Lead Boiler Suit range, they do paint up to a good wargaming standard.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


After recently seeing these figures I could not help posting them here on Lonely Gamers. These are from the growing WW1 range produced by Great War Miniatures with the addition of a Belgian Officer from Brigade Models. These two seperate figure ranges compliment each other so well and combined with the phenomenal paint job from my friend Helen, who has really brought out their quality and character, I cannot wait to see more!

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Once again another ECW post, this time Renegades artillery. As mentioned previously these figures are great although considering the vast array of artillery utilised during this conflict it is a big disappointment that Renegades range is so small with just these huge Sakers and a lovely little mortar. Sadly the variation in available figures is very small and it would be nice to see some expansion on their range.


This post is another example of one of those little jobs you do in between other stuff. This wagon was given to me by Nathan before he left and with the addition of one of Renegade`s Villager figures along with a few 1st Corps oxen I thought it would go nicely with my growing ECW collection. The harness are scratch made using twisted fuse wire and although a little lacking still good enough for what I was looking for.