Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Well Fellow Lonely Gamers as promised I am not as prolific as our Nathan but over the next couple days I will add a couple of the smaller little things I have been working on recently. The first is a vignette for Jeff’s collection of Prussian’s. This is to represent a “Spy” which I believe is for Andrew Parr’s FAG rules. There is of cause a small rubber duck yet to be added. Not sure how she is getting information from this Officer you may have suggestions?


Allan and Carmen said...

You certainly swing a nice brush as well as making a great little vignette!

Is the Lady in the bath from Eureka Miniatures?

Who made that great Prussian Figure?

I may have you look at Andrew's FAG rules again. It sounds like he has added a fun element to his game.

I have only just played my first Napoleonic game using Black Powder with friends. That is if Black Powder counts for old grognards like you :)

Happy Gaming and keep posting. This is one of the best blogs on the web by far.

Happy Gaming,


Vinnie said...


Old grognards? Not that bloody old! Thanks for the positive comments,your correct, Nathan does a great job on his blog and I think many of us are waiting for his return. Not sure where the lady in the bath comes from as people just give this stuff to paint but I do know the Officer is from the fantastic range produced by Calpe.