Tuesday, May 29, 2012

More Belgian's for the Sudan

As promised another Belgium Askari Company and Command for my slowly growing Belgium Army to fight the Mahdi. These lovely chaps have been painted by Leroy Simpson and who also has volunteered to paint the remaining five companies of Askari.....champion. However Leroy has done a great job again, thanks Mate.

All figures are from Wargames Foundry 'Darkest Africa' - Belgium Collection. The flag and bases were completed by myself and as I said the figures were painted by Leroy.  The stand above and below are to be my main command stand, with the single figure below them as the ADC or Hero.

ADC or Hero figure

 I am intending to run, in 2013, Australia's first (I think?) Colonial wargaming competition. It will be called "War on the Nile" featuring armies from the following countries:

  • The Madhi - early or later period;
  • The British either 1884/5 or 1898;
  • The Egyptians - early or later period;
  • The Italians;
  • The Belgium's;
  • The Abyssinians and lastly;
  • The French (some crazy French officer lead a few Askari across Africa to the Nile back in 1898 or something like that)

So if you have one of the above armies you think you might be in the running for 'Top Dog' of colonial wargaming in Australia, book yourself a holiday to North Queensland. Andrew Parr will be providing the rule set, a stand alone version of 'Fortune & Glory' for the Colonial Era. The venue is yet to be confirmed, however we will be playing up in lovely Townsville, so make sure you pack your swimmers.  If anyone is interested drop me a line and I can give you a few more finer details for the comp. Till then please enjoy the figures.

The third Askari Company

Askari NCO

Sunday, May 27, 2012

What I did with a little spare time up my sleeve - Wheat Fields

Not much time, family visiting and household chores to do...well that was my weekend, leaving no time for painting or wargaming. So with the little time I had, I managed to make a few trodden wheat fields for the gaming table. 

A $5.00 door matt from 'Bunnings', wood glue and bases from 'Spot Light', a little creative talent and I created one large field and four smaller ones, which can be placed together forming two additional large fields. 

Two of the four small fields. All can be split forming four smaller ones or two large fields.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Napoleonic Prussian Wagon Train - By Leroy Simpson

 Some more of Leroy's great painting. This small master piece Leroy has painted for Jeff Smith's Late Prussian collection. The wagon is from Blue Moon Manufacturing, code BMM1312b (Flat Bed Supply Wagon) and the figures are from Calpe Miniatures.  So please enjoy

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Perry Miniatures - Yari Ashigaru

Another of Leroy's latest painted units, a great looking Ashigaru unit, from Perry Miniatures. Not sure how many units this brings his Samurai Army too but I know it has grown since our last game.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Leroy's Latest - Renegade ECW Cavalry Command

Sorry guys but I have been away for a few weeks, however in that time old Leroy has painted a few nice little additions to his collection. So I thought I might place a couple up over the next few days.

 These great figures are the start of Leroy's ECW collection. All the figures for his army will be from the very nice Renegade Miniatures ECW range.