Sunday, April 15, 2012

A gaming Weekend

Two games in two days finishing off ten days of holidays, what would a wargamer want more.

The first day (Friday) another re-fight of the Battle of Albuera, which we seem to play almost every year.

Followed by a few happy snaps of John's great Ottoman Army (soon to use against the French or Russians)

Then on Saturday a nice little battle along the Nile


BigRedBat said...

Great pics! Love the Napooleonic staff. Cheers, Simon

DeanM said...

Where's the narrative?! This is something I want to read about. The figures are absolutely fantastic - especially the Ottoman army. is this supposed to be the Egyptian campaign? Awesome stuff in any case. Dean

Vinnie said...

Sorry Dean,

No battle report for this one only a few images of the two games we played on during the week, plus some Ottomans I took pictures of.



Stuart S said...

Perfect timing, I finished my first unit of Janissaries for Egypt this morning, pics like this give me the inspiration to paint the rest.
Great Stuff.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Wonderful! Real stunning looking games!