Sunday, February 19, 2012

Clearing the Nile of Mahdi - Sudan 1885

You can never have enough sand in your pants.......Long time between drinks have up load a few images from the Sudan game Leroy and I had this afternoon. The game Leroy and I played was again played using Andrew Parr's Fortune & Glory Colonial Supplement, which I think is a great test of rules...he just needs to publish them so that can be played by everybody else in the world. Both opposing sides fought the battle with 500pt Armies each. In my case this consisted of three line infantry units with rifled breach loaders, one paddle steamer armed with a deck gun, two units of cavalry - one lancer the other 2nd class and finally an Army Commander and his ADC.

Leroy's army was slightly larger and consisted of four strong units of warriors, two units of 2nd class skirmisher, a gun battery, a unit of camels, Army Commander and is ADC's. The strong units of warriors would prove very hard to shoot down. Being strong it would take four hits on a unit to remove a base.

The British won the initiative so I went straight on the offensive and directed two companies of British line to attack the village. This was more easily said then done..Leroy rolled some good dice and my attack was stopped dead in their tracks, with the first in the assault losing a stand and falling back. But that was not all the bad news for the British, a lucky shot from one of these pesky Dervishes hit my commanding officer and he had to carried from the field. This left the tow ADC's bickering over who would command.

The ADC's decided to stop bickering and continue the advance. On the left one ADC with three companies of line decided to keep pressing the attack on the village and on the right the other ADC called up the cavalry, ordering them to take the Dervish guns.

Bengal Lancers..nasty with the lance

Only one deck gun..but still lay down a deadly fire on the Dervish ranks.

The game was still touch and go. Leroy held his ground well forcing me to fight hard for every piece of ground taken and casualties were high on both side.

However the superior training and discipline of the British troops soon began to tip the side of battle towards the British. First to break were the camels.

Next to fall was the village, stormed by the company aboard the steamer.

However Leroy and his Mahdi Army still had plenty of fight left. After taking the village I was forced to hold ground on my left flank for the remainder of the game.

Then the final blow was delivered by my Bengal Lancers and Bashi Bazouks. The Lancers charged a unit of Dervishes and the Bazouks went straight for the guns.

Both attacks went in hard and fast and finally broke the will of the Dervish Army to fight. However the victory was not all one sided as there were a great many dead and wounded from my side still lying on the battle field.


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Wow! That's one awesome looking game!


Michael Awdry said...

Can't wait for the report; an awesome looking table and miniatures.

DaveD said...

inspiring as ever

Whisperin' Al said...

Wonderful looking game!

Greg Sapara said...

Wow, beautifully done!

Cyrus said...

Fantastic looking game!

Allan and Carmen said...

Who won?

Looks like you had a great game between you both.

"You can never have enough sand in your pants!"

Is a motto I live by :-)

Rodger said...

Fantastic looking game!! Beautiful figures and terrain.

Bluewillow said...

lovely Nathan,

great good looking game, to see you getting some games in.


Andrew Parr said...

Great looking game chaps, lovely everything, steamtug, watchtower, bazouks!

Andrew Parr said...

Great game Chaps, lovely tug and tower!

Vinnie said...

Thanks for the comments guys, she was a cracker of a game. I have been a little slack but will do the battle report shortly

Gamer Pro said...

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Neil said...

Impressive - Great figures and it looks like it was a great game.

Silver Whistle said...

Superb looking game, look forward to the report.