Saturday, January 7, 2012

Samurai Vs Chosen Koreans - Impetus

As promised I have uploaded a few images from the Impetus game we played last yesterday with Leroy Simpson's beautifully painted Perry Miniatures Samurai and Chosen Koreans. The reason I thought we would uses these beauties is because Leroy has been painting them for the last four years and has never seen his whole collection on the board, let a loan play a game with there they are. The game went well, however we did have to 'Ring a Friend' a few times to clarify some of the finer details of the Impetus rule system. Which mainly had to do with the latest changes. But as I said in the last post the rules are nicely written and easily picked up by a beginner, this only being my second game and John's third.

Leroy has based his armies for WAB, however 'Divined Wind' never made it to the printing press. But with but armies based the same it was easy to set them up for the Impetus rule system. I had three bases for the cavalry and anywhere from six to nine bases for the infantry. As for the army lists they seemed to work out ok, however there was some discussion in regards to whether the mounted samurai should have the ability to used the composite bow? But they do have impetus +4 so that might even up the odds?? In regards to the Koreans they seemed to have worked ok as long as the infantry units get to fight in large formations they should hold together longer. Our Koreans lasted about six turns before the left flank collapsed and the army was forced to do a test. It was not all one sided however as they took a number of Japanese with them. Overall I think once the army lists are finalised and released it should enable a good even game.

Korean Artillery

Japanese Tempo (hand gunners)

Korean Regular Infantry

Korean Hand Gunners

Korean Medium Cavalry


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Didn't I mention I was sick with envy well now utterly consumed with it!!!!


Legion Games said...

Absolutely stunning!



szeperd said...

Simply awesome!

El Soldado Tranquilo said...


I've always love Samurai and the pictures are really nice

Nate said...

Great looking game!

Leroy has done an amazing job on those figures, some of his best work.

Rodger said...


BigRedBat said...

What a fantastic pair of armies! I particularly love the units with black and white back-banner thingys.

Cheers, Simon

Ray Rousell said...

Wow!!! Superb painting and figures!!!

Willie Anderson said...

Fantastic paint work by Leroy! you guys have some great collections to game with!!

Bluewillow said...

great too see it all on the table, and lonely gamers banging out another top notch game!

Btw give me a ring with your new number:)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful to see both sides on the table top.

Well done Leroy on quality brushwork and Nathan for the photographs.



loadmaster666 said...

But how was the game?

Do you both feel that you will be utilising Impetus as your primary Ancients set of rules or are you fence sitting with another set?

I am becoming drawn toward Impetus as I can field both a 15mm and 25mm army that were previously based for DBM. As you also suggested WAB/Clash of Empire based armies also work well with the recommended base sizes.


bertinoro67 said...


Robert Hingley said...

Great looking armies.

Raglan said...

Stunning collection, you have inspired me to collect and paint this period in the future

Cyrus said...

Brilliant looking game!

Giles said...

These photos show what can be done with the Perry range when worked on by superlative painters. Incredible. What an advert for the range and the period!

Best wishes